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Secrets To CFA Level I Exam Success

November 19, 2013

The CFA Level 1 Exam is just around the corner on December 7, 2013. Hardly twenty days to go! By this time, you ought to be raring to go and hitting your target spot-on. So to make your CFA Prep more comprehensive, you will find here a list of practice tests ranging from various topics such as Economics, Portfolio Management, Quant, etc.

So to take these tests, just follow the links!

1) Level 1 CFA Economics Diagnostic Test

If you believe you remember everything about Demand and Provide Analysis, Shopper Demand, Demand and Provide Analysis: The Firm, The Firm and Market Structures, Economic Functions of Depository Institutions then go ahead and take the test! If you aren’t ready, you’ll know exactly where to start in #CFA #Economics prep!

2) Level 1 CFA Portfolio Management Diagnostic Test

A short 6 question on #CFA #Portfolio Management. See how you fare in the test!

3) CFA Level 1 Ethics Diagnostic Test

To test your knowledge of #CFA Ethics, just follow the link and see how you score!

4) CFA Level 1 FSA Basics Diagnostic quiz

As you might be aware, Ethics and Financial Statement Analysis carry the maximum weightage in the #CFA exam. The questions are often tricky too. To understand your standing in Ethics and Financial Statement Analysis, follow the link and take the test!

5) CFA Level 1 Quantitative Diagnostic quiz

EduPristine provides an exhaustive set of questions, mock exams and mind maps that can help you prepare for the #CFA exam. This quiz is one of the tools. To take the quiz, just follow the link.

6) CFA Level 1 Microeconomics Diagnostic Quiz

This quiz consists of 6 very basic questions on the Microeconomics section of the #CFA exam. Take the quiz to judge your level of preparation for the exam.

7) CFA Level 1 FSA Second Diagnostic Quiz

This is the second diagnostic quiz of #CFA Financial Statement Analysis. So to track your improvement in your #CFA prep, follow the link and take the test.

8) CFA Diagnostic Test

Finally, the quiz that will test your entire #CFA prep! You can even compare your performance with people from across the world. Free mind maps will be given to all students who attempt all the questions correctly!

To know more, just follow the link!

We will be giving free mind maps to students attempting all the questions correctly. Sample material can be checked at Visualize CFA.

To take a few more quizzes to judge your preparation level in your CFA Exam prep, just follow the link to CFA: Practice Tests.

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