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The CFA Level 1 Exam is just around the corner on December 7, 2013. Hardly twenty days to go! By this time, you ought to be raring to go and hitting your target spot-on. So to make your CFA Prep more comprehensive, you will find here a list of practice tests ranging from various topics such as Economics, Portfolio Management, Quant, etc.

So to take these tests, just follow the links!


1) Level 1 CFA Economics Diagnostic Test

If you believe you remember everything about Demand and Provide Analysis, Shopper Demand, Demand and Provide Analysis: The Firm, The Firm and Market Structures, Economic Functions of Depository Institutions then go ahead and take the test! If you aren’t ready, you’ll know exactly where to start in #CFA #Economics prep!


2) Level 1 CFA Portfolio Management Diagnostic Test

A short 6 question on #CFA #Portfolio Management. See how you fare in the test!


3) CFA Level 1 Ethics Diagnostic Test

To test your knowledge of #CFA Ethics, just follow the link and see how you score!


4) CFA Level 1 FSA Basics Diagnostic quiz

As you might be aware, Ethics and Financial Statement Analysis carry the maximum weightage in the #CFA exam. The questions are often tricky too. To understand your standing in Ethics and Financial Statement Analysis, follow the link and take the test!


5) CFA Level 1 Quantitative Diagnostic quiz

EduPristine provides an exhaustive set of questions, mock exams and mind maps that can help you prepare for the #CFA exam. This quiz is one of the tools. To take the quiz, just follow the link.


6) CFA Level 1 Microeconomics Diagnostic Quiz

This quiz consists of 6 very basic questions on the Microeconomics section of the #CFA exam. Take the quiz to judge your level of preparation for the exam.


7) CFA Level 1 FSA Second Diagnostic Quiz

This is the second diagnostic quiz of #CFA Financial Statement Analysis. So to track your improvement in your #CFA prep, follow the link and take the test.


8) CFA Diagnostic Test

Finally, the quiz that will test your entire #CFA prep! You can even compare your performance with people from across the world. Free mind maps will be given to all students who attempt all the questions correctly!