Hey marketers! We at EduPristine are delighted to team up with industry-leading online visibility tool SEMrush and bring more colour to your life this Holi.

SEMrush, as you all know, is hugely popular across the world. The tool enables marketers to do so much with data including analyzing web traffic, creating content primed for rankings, auditing your site for visibility in search engines, and running PPC campaigns that consistently beat your competitors. They have also built a strong community of marketers in India with the aim of engaging and growing together.

EduPristine, on the other hand, is one of India’s leading training providers in Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare and Marketing. Their presence goes beyond their strong online platform to their network of classrooms across India, where they have been creating milestone with end-to-end training programs and their Career Services.

No surprise then, it’s going to be a free-for-all Royal Rumble this Holi. Don’t worry, we aren’t planning to bathe you in paint that won’t wear off for months, on the contrary, we want to give you a pleasant learning experience that you’ll remember on every festival for the rest of the year.

Just like last year, SEMrush has come up with an interesting concept of a Quick-Fire Quiz which will challenge marketers and the depth of their knowledge, especially their instant recall skills.

The format is simple – there will be a total of 12 questions from two digital marketing experts selected by SEMrush and EduPristine. All questions will have a time limit (yes, we know you can Google fast, so we challenge you to beat the timer!). Make sure you read the questions carefully because you’ll only be allowed to take the quiz once.

What’s the prize? Well, it’s a surprise – 50 smart and lucky winners will get a SEMrush Holi Gift Box each, the contents of which will remain a mystery until the box is opened!

We also know that India is full of clever and knowledgeable marketers – hey, you guys have been reading the SEMrush and EduPristine blogs consistently, haven’t you? Therefore, the prizes will only be given to winners with a 100% score.

Not only do you have to get all answers right, but you also have to be lucky! Out of all the winners with a 100% score, fifty names will be chosen randomly, and each of them will be awarded an awesome Holi Gift Box.

The contest will open on March 12th and remain open only until March 21st, so don’t wait too long. The winners will be announced on March 22nd.

The questions from SEMrush will be personally created by Fernando Angulo, who is their Head of International Partnerships. Fernando loves India and knows the people very well. He has spoken at multiple conferences organized by SEMrush in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and elsewhere. So, you can expect his questions to confuse and baffle you.

Half of his questions will be about digital marketing best practices while the other half will be on how to use SEMrush toolkits towards specific marketing objectives. Therefore, you will need to brush up on your knowledge of tools such as Keyword Magic, Content Analyzer, SEO Writing Assistant, Organic Research, Traffic Analytics, Brand Monitoring, Marketing Calendar and Backlink Gap. If you don’t have a paid SEMrush subscription, don’t despair – head over to SEMrush.com and sign up for a free 7-day trial. You’ll have enough time to dig through the various toolkits and shore up your capabilities in time for the quiz.

The expert from EduPristine is Nidhi Singh. She heads the Digital Marketing team for EduPristine. She is an experienced marketer, twice Quora Top Writer and a social media influencer who frequently shares her insights to empower marketing professionals create and run more effective campaigns. Her questions are guaranteed to be tough too!

So, fellow marketers, this is your chance to prove your expertise. In a race against the clock, you need to prove your mettle against marketers from the whole of India. This is your one chance to showcase your skills and understanding of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and content.

Are you up to the challenge? If your answer is a resounding YES, then jump to the SEMrush Holi Quiz page right now! Hurry, the clock is ticking!

The SEMrush Holi Quiz is over but u can check out the answers here.