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When it comes to career, everyone wants to reach the top. Who doesn’t want to taste success with fewer efforts and that too without burning hole in the pocket? Short-term post graduate programs are fielding more and more demand from Indian students in subjects like finance and accounting. The question that arises here is whether such short-term graduate programs are an alternative to M.B.A degree. Let’s cut the chase, and introduce you to PGCFR. It is a highly sought-after mini-course that has earned a lot of respect for the qualification over the years. Today, a PGCFR qualification is a diploma in finance which is deemed to be a measurement of a finance expert’s competence and integrity.

One thing that appeals the masses about PGCFR is that this course is cheaper, but gives an added value to career. Business experts even advocate learning subjects through these alternative routes as they provide the same education with added benefits. MBA is already crowded with many applicants which make it a very competitive field. Candidates having commitments at work along with other factors can often make this ever-hyped degree unrealistic.

Unlike MBA courses, PGCFR focuses more on the practical elements rather than focusing on theoretical part. Instead of learning from MBA, people wanting to hone their skills, should take up such programs which help in bringing professionalism to the table. While many MBA courses in Finance will only provide you an overview of management or business in their first year, which is quite irrelevant to a Finance course, PGCFR on the other hand will give you an in-depth understanding of core Finance subject and will ensure that you are well-prepared to face real-time challenges at the workplace.

The reason you should eschew an MBA degree in favor of PGCFR is the cost that is only Rs 1, 25,000. MBA degrees are notorious for being expensive or might not even fit the price range of prospective students. Moreover, students lose their inclination to study for the length of time MBA degrees offer, which is like 2-3 years which is far more than the duration of PGCFR that is 2.5 months.

So, if you are done with your bachelor’s degree or want to have a career while having an edge over others, then you should probably opt for this non-MBA advanced finance course from EduPristine. You also get a chance to pursue PGCFR qualification Part Time for a period of 7 months.

Best things come in small packages, don’t you think?