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Skills of a Data Scientist

August 26, 2014

To be a data scientist is not easy, it is one of the most challenging jobs among the ones that are out there. Here we try to explore and delve into the facts that define a Data Scientist and make him what he/she is. We analyze few skills which we feel are not only are pertinent to them, but are almost mandatory for glory in the field.

First and foremost he needs to be the complete business professional, as in he needs to contribute greatly to the field he is working in. Then and only then will a Data Scientist be successful. Since this way he not only understands the loop holes in the business, he can be in a position to gauge what is lacking, and what are the various hindrances that are to be tended to before actually zeroing in on the problem, and thereby solving it with certainty.

Secondly he needs to be an avid programmer, a person who is into coding with interest can naturally adapt and outperform his peers in this field. Any basic programming proficiency would do for a good data scientist, but preferably Java, machine learning and basic web hosting are considered to be prerequisites at the work place for smooth functioning, and getting the job done whatever complexities might be involved. Coding and Machine Learning are both invaluable tools which help in accomplishing tasks quicker and hence need to be worked around with technical prowess.

Few other skills involve time management, as to spending the right amount of time on the right things and working efficiently. Someone who is good with statistics and number crunching with respect to basic arithmetic can prosper very well in this field. Large chunks of data generally need to be arranged in bar diagrams and pie charts, which are not only symmetric but enhance the understanding of data together in a synchronized format. You study patterns, develop models, study regression and address various short comings which hence forth becomes a cake walk.

There are other minor skills like managing data bases and being an effective communicator which do raise the bar for those around the Data Scientists, but do remember that not all skills are mastered before you take the job and they can be honed along the way. However presenting yourself confidently and actively learning new things with curiosity can help you a long way in your pursuit of becoming a top Data Scientist and carrying out impeccable analysis of any kind of data.

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