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Sony Corporation has enough troubles already with its consumer electronics division losing market share very rapidly. Added to its woes, it has been a continuous subject of a series of cyber-attacks. The fresh one happened late November. This time there were few details that left the senior management embarrassed.

The security breach led to the belief that Sony Corporation is loose with its security. It’s not taking adequate steps to keep the information safe. But an industry leader in enterprise level cyber security said that the malicious software that is used for the attack is undetectable by Industry standard anti virus software and described the incident as an unparalleled and well planned attack carried by an organized group which was quite unique and damaging enough to make FBI release a flash alert to warn the other organizations of this critical threat.

While that does put Sony Corporation as a genuine victim, the damage that is done is more. The leakage of email communications that happened between the employees, involving Amy Pascal have done more damage.

In one such chain of emails exchanged between Amy and Scott Rudin, Rudin who’s known for his missives and temper referred to the Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie, as a “minimally talented and a spoilt brat”, apparently he was unhappy that Anjelina took David fincher away from Jobs, (A steve jobs biopic, financed partly by Sony corporation) to direct her Cleopatra where she’s playing the lead. . We don’t know how hard that hit Jolie as she didn’t make any comments officially. However, she wasn’t the only one that was part of their conversation. Rudin and Amy shared jokes on President Obama involving him financing movies starred by African Americans. Ouch!

After the attacks, the pain of their information being shared over the internet is not the only thing that the employees were facing. They were forced to go back from the age of the internet. Instead of using emails and instant chat to communicate they had to talk in whispers face to face.

While high level employees like Angelina Jolie got a glimpse of what their bosses think of them. A lot of employees lost their identity and credit card information.