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There are different types of people who will have different opinions on FRM exam takers. Some will criticize, some will encourage and some will discourage you and some will be neutral with the whole concept. But one thing is sure they will always give their “loud opinion” and advice and lectures and… you know they will probably waste a few hours explaining their point. It may be annoying at times (okay most of the time) but let’s just see if you can relate to the things people tell to FRM exam takers:

  • “Do you even know what FRM stands for?”

 If I didn’t know what FRM stands for … Well I don’t deserve to live. After all I am taking the FRM examinations .

  • “Oh, there are so many exams now. You can choose any. In the end it’s the salary you get that matters.”

Well, sir thank you that was a great observation but I think it’s more important to be qualified enough to receive the salary you are receiving.

  • “Don’t worry it’s very easy, John cleared it in one go without even studying that much”

I am not X and I would like to work as hard as I can so I can give my best but Mr John’s qualification has been recorded.

  • “FRM! That’s a difficult course. Really requires guts to take on a course like that”

At least I have one attribute i.e. being courageous. Forget about FRM.

  • “I don’t think you will be able to clear FRM. Andreas used to top in his class and he still didn’t clear it.”

You have made my work so much easier. I don’t need to look at the books anymore to be discouraged. I can come straight to you.

  • “Take a break, you have studied enough. You will surely pass”

How I wish you were going to correct my FRM exam paper I would surely pass.

  • “Do you ever study? FRM is it or are you just wasting time?”

It’s my break time. And yes I do intend to pass with good marks.

“All the best”
In the end I would like to say all the best and work really hard regardless of what people say. It’s your career and other people’s opinion doesn’t count when you are set to clear the FRM exams with flying colours. Finally, after you are done with your FRM exams, don’t forget to follow these do’s & don’ts.