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Three simple and dominant Social Media Marketing techniques

As a continuation to the previous article posted by us about an overview as to what do you mean by the term social media marketing, we would like to go in depth about social media marketing when it comes to the techniques. These techniques can be used for effective and better marketing of your business.

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Social Media Marketing can be made effective using the dominant and easy marketing techniques like Targeting, COBRAs and eWOM to successfully market your business. Facebook and Twitter are some of the social networks which the advertisers use to gain the information about the likes and dislikes of their consumers. However, most of the people, without understanding what they truly want to acquire through SMM, think that social media marketing itself is a big technique. This psychology of the advertisers and marketers land them in a mess as every company, every budget and every goal requires different social media marketing techniques.

Let us put light on the 3 major social media marketing techniques which can give you the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to marketing your business:

Importance of Targeting in Social Media Marketing:

It is a technique to provide business with a “target audience” . After all, marketing is for the purpose of attracting consumers. Information relevant to user’s likes can be obtained from the social networks. It is made available to advertisers and marketers; who can then advertise as per the requirements of the business and hence it is a very crucial technique.


Consumers Online Brand Related Activities (COBRAs) is another technique which is used by the marketers to promote their products. It involves activities like uploading a picture of your new branded watch to instagram or facebook. It facilitates spreading awareness of that particular product on the social media platform thus gaining responses and demand for the product.


Electronic word of mouth(eWOM) is another technique which can be carried out for effective social media marketing. With the use of this technique, electronic recommendations and suggestions help to promote a product effectively through consumer-to-consumer interactions. A good example for the same would be online purchasing. A good service will include good quality and early delivery which will earn a positive review which gives that site free advertisement via social media. A bad review will make a negative impression which will make that site undesirable.

Social Media Marketing Techniques
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Ramification of Social Media Marketing on Traditional Advertising

With the growing use of social media marketing, the traditional advertising and marketing techniques are lagging behind. Print and Television advertising are the traditional techniques of advertising/marketing. Internet has already bypassed television as the largest advertising market. It is not necessary that the social networking sites show ads and pop ups. But the products marketed on social networking sites have entire pages for them and can help in active interaction among users interested in them. Introduction of other techniques like bar code scanner, which can be scanned by mobile phones and computers. These barcodes send the users directly to the product website or webpage.

All the information given above makes us reach to a conclusion that Marketing is beginning to move the users from traditional outlets to the electronic ones. Social Media Marketing is the most popular Marketing trend prevailing in the market

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We will further continue this series of blogs and the next topic will be about various social networking sites, their use and their implications on social media marketing as important marketing channels. This is something that you all should look out for. Till then, stay interested and we will keep you updated.