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Top 10 US cities for Accounting Jobs

August 27, 2014

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If you’re planning to do a CPA or if you already are one and plan on working in accounting. You must be wondering where would be the best place to practice in America. Here are top 10 US cities that you might want to look at.

10. Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and makes for an excellent choice for accountants and auditors. The salaries are pretty respectable, the cost of living isn’t very high and there are plenty of diverse businesses to work for. It’s also the headquarters of Moss Adams, the eleventh largest accounting firm in the United States.

Another bonus: Seattle is full of smart people (with the highest percentage of high school and college grads on this list), so while the employment market may be competitive at least you’ll have a lot of interesting people to talk to.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $66,950

Bookkeeper: $38,460

9. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, with its Twin City St. Paul, is a great locale for accounting pros. The unemployment is below the national average and there are 40,000 accountants, auditors and bookkeepers in the area. M

Minneapolis is also the home of two top-20 accounting firms and the average salaries for accountants are almost the same as in New York, and the cost of living is far lower. Do you still want to look for something else?

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $63,300

Bookkeeper: $36,490

8. Denver, CO

Denver is perhaps the best blend of urban amenities, low cost of living and natural beauty, it is an excellent choice for many different professions. The unemployment rate in the Denver metro area is on the lower end (6.8%). Greater chance of finding a job perhaps?

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $69,830

Bookkeeper: $68,290

7. Philadelphia, PA

Birth place of the legendary and imaginary Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia, According to PwC, Philly has the fourth highest GDP among American cities. So it’s no wonder that, comparatively speaking, the 45,000+ Philly accountants, auditors and bookkeepers are well compensated (about $10,000/year more on average than accountants in Pittsburgh, PA).

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $73,850

Bookkeeper: $36,740

6. Phoenix, AZ

Do you hate winter weather? Would you like to live in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country? Then put your sunglasses on and take a look at Phoenix. Businesses are flocking to Phoenix, and with over 40,000 accountants, auditors and bookkeepers, there are plenty of opportunities in this sunny locale. And don’t stress out about the desert weather — it’s a dry heat!

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $56,380

Bookkeeper: $35,160

5. Washington, DC

D.C. is a great place for workers of all kinds, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. The average salary in Washington is one of the highest of all American cities, and with an increasing focus on accounting fraud and governmental regulation, more accountants are needed all the time … especiallyforensic accountants.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $75,830

Bookkeeper: $40,870

4. Chicago, IL

Chicago is only next to New York when it comes to major financial centers, with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and several financial and futures exchanges within city limits. Chicago is also second only to Gotham in terms of accounting jobs, with over 80,000 people working as accountants, auditors or bookkeeping clerks. While New York may lead the way in terms of large accounting firms, the sixth and seventh largest firms (Grant Thornton and BDO Seidman, respectively) are headquartered in the Second City.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $70,730

Bookkeeper: $36,800

3. Boston, MA

This town’s known for its high concentration of universities and great clam chowder, but there’s more to Boston than going to class.Investopedia recently named Boston the top city in the world for a career in finance, and is currently home to around 50,000 accountants and auditors.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $69,700

Bookkeeper: $39,530

2. Houston, TX

Houston received top ranking on Kiplinger’s “Best Cities of 2008,” and here’s why?Unemployment levels and cost of living are relatively low compared to other major American metro areas, and there are opportunities in a variety of businesses. The Big Four firms all have offices in Houston, along with a multitude of energy companies that call Houston home.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $68,260

Bookkeeper: $34,170

1. New York, NY

What other city could possibly take the top spot other than the financial capital of America? New York dwarfs the competition with over 140,000 working as accountants, auditors and bookkeepers. With all four Big Four accounting firms headquartered here, as well as 43 Fortune 500 companies, the Big Apple is the place to be for anyone looking to work.

Average Salaries for Accounting Jobs:

Accountant/Auditor: $69,830

Bookkeeper: $39,360

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