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Top 7 Careers to Choose after ACCA Qualification

July 8, 2014

Not everyone stands the chance to add the designatory ‘ACCA’ behind their names. Not everyone who is self-proclaimed accountant is blessed to be certified with ACCA in India. A career that can bring a turning point in your life will not only add weight to your resume, but also mark your existence as a ‘certified’ accountant. Below are some amazing career roles that can actually twist your fate and redefine your career goals in accounting and finance in India.

1. Management Accounting Executive-

For all the strategic thinkers, if you have excellent numeracy skills combined with an analytical mind, then you can’t stand to lose this exciting career. This role aids in managerial planning and requires strong decision-making skills. Your job will include preparing reports, budgets, financial statements and managing financial policies. Right from making financial recommendations, assisting in audit matter, to giving strategic directions to major projects, a Management Accounting Executive is definitely a role that fulfils the strategic ambitions of a company.

2. Audit and Tax Senior-

If you have an aptitude for planning, have excellent risk-managing skills and consider yourself a self-reliant individual, then a career as an Audit and Tax in a senior position awaits you. You will be responsible for executing risk-based internal audits,

3. Internal/Statutory Auditor-

If you are someone who loves job that involves checking, verifying and reporting, then entering the field of Internal/Statutory auditing is all that it takes. The role will encompass duties like cash forecasting, carry out financial health check on companies, advising risk-aversion and cost-efficient measures. You will have to ensure that all procedures are correctly followed in compliance with company’s policies and regulations.

4. Accountant-

Want to be recognized as the backbone of a business? If you are a number cruncher and never had problems resolving a balance sheet, then you should probably opt for an accountant’s job. The job of an accountant is not limited to inspecting account books, but your job will also involve ensuring that taxes are paid on timely basis. You will have to make best-practices recommendations that will benefit your company.

5. Tax Manager/Consultant-

In case you enjoy being abreast of emerging tax laws and are capable of assimilating complex information into clear brief that can be understood by all, then Tax Management/Consultancy is for you. All you would have to do is provide tax-efficient advices to clients, make prudent decisions in the light of fiscal change and development, advising on property transactions or employee incentive schemes and calculating tax liabilities.

6. Financial Planner-

As the name suggests, in a financial planning career, you will be expected to prepare financial plans to reach financial goals of an individual or a company. Your job will be to review their income, investments, assets, debts, and retirement plan.

7. Securities Dealer-

Do terms like stocks, debts bonds and options make sense to you? Do you enjoy unlocking the science behind their unpredictable aspects? Then you shouldn’t think twice to take up a job in Securities Dealer.

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