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In the technology-dominated world today, if you are still relying on lead generation through appointment setting, trade-shows, cold-calling or direct mail, then don’t be surprised that your business is trailing behind. Holding onto these traditional lead generation techniques will only slower down your pace in this ever-challenging market. Companies are turning to Digital Marketing to have an edge over their competitors and make the most of their Internet presence. Read on more as we take you through the top 7 ways of lead generation through Digital strategy that will cater to all your business needs and environment.

1. Link exchange

Get related traffic and instant page rank by exchanging links with other websites or entrepreneurs that share the same target market as you. This way you give them a chance to have a look at your website and eventually generate more sales.

2. Mailing List

It is crucial to stay connected to your followers and visitors. A mailing list box on your website will help you ensnare more audience as you feed their inboxes with updates of blog posts or newsletters.

3. Online Press Release

Press releasing about your business or announcing a newly launched product will drive more traffic to your website.

4. Webinars or Online Events

An online seminar, presentation, audio broadcasting or web conference can save a fortune on organizing events. These internet streaming facilities will get your message to your target audience effectively.

5. PPC Campaigns

It is one of the most successful tools to help your products or services catch the eyes of people. PPC adds the overall effectiveness of your promotional strategy by developing adverts and keywords that are specifically tailored to your target audience.

6.Email Campaigns

Unless and until your mails are not construed as spam by your customers, this approach is considered effective segment of digital marketing, hence it is widely accepted by all.

7. Social Media

Last but not the least, Social media stands as one of the most effective sources of digital marketing. Social networking websites have proved to be an important sales channel, and engaging with your target audience on such platforms is probably a prudent decision to make.EduPristine stands proud for being one of the most prominent digital marketing institutes to provide marketing certification. Come start your marketing career with us.

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