Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…all are perfect platforms to attract customers and marketing through social media does not only improve your reach but also allows you to gain goodwill. There are zillion reasons why you should use social media to market your products and services. Some of them have been explained below:

1: You reach to all the living beings in this universe: You can globally reach out to all the people in the world. You are not restricted to a certain location. It is efficient in distributing content evenly all around the world. You target a large audience in one post.

Facebook has over 1.4 billion MAUs. Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ have around 300 million MAUs. The stage is set.

Statistic: Leading social networks worldwide as of March 2015, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
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2: You automatically become a social company: You are easily able to contact and connect with people. It could be your customers, business partners, competitors, anyone. It serves as a great communicator. While connecting with people you want to, you also attract new customers.

3: It’s not rocket science: Social Media Marketing has become one of the most established and important marketing method nowadays.  It is not difficult to learn and does not involve tedious work. It can easily be learned along with exposure to the marketing going on, on the web.

4: You learn every day: It serves as a never ending book, you learn something every day. It may be on how to target more audience or the likes and dislikes of your customers. It constantly enhances your knowledge with generating greater sales. There is not just one website that you use. There are a plethora of websites via which you can reach out to new customers. You can even generate leads from these social media platforms.

5: No curfew timings: There is a 24×7 contact with your customer. You can reach them according to their time. It is not like a shop, it does not have time duration to facilitate. You reach your customers when they are free and these social media marketing websites provide you the data which will help you in better targeting.

6: You website’s organic traffic will improve: According to searchmetrics, Social Media signals have a very high correlation with your pages ranking higher. The traffic that you receive on your websites automatically enhances your organic traffic. It gives you an upper hand in the competitive market.

7: You needn’t cut your pocket: It is very cheap, almost free. You can reach gazillion people in one post, with one website. You needn’t spend on advertising and reaching out to people physically. You virtually attract customers with no cost at all. It is very economic along with which it saves time.

8: You know exactly who you are dealing with: Social media platforms always store the information of the users along with the likes and dislikes. Facebook, Twitter and even Google Analytics can give you great insights on the kind of user base that you have. You can know about each of your customers and their demands and accordingly market your product and services. You can attract new customers by focusing on their interests and providing products and services accordingly.

9: Viral tendency: The data that you put on social media is transferred really fast and has the tendency to go viral. This would not only make your existing customers loyal but attract new ones too. There is no wastage of time and it facilitates time utility. In a click you an reach audience across the globe.

10: It’s cool! :  When you market on social media you automatically gain a “cool” title. Your company is reaching out to all types of people. Catering to all demands. It is enjoying greater goodwill. It is gaining a lot more than its giving.