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A bag of tricks every CFA exam taker must have

May 7, 2015

source: galaxyreporter

The CFA civilisation has been in existence for quite some time now with their people passing, failing and still trying to pass. They haven’t given up hope yet and do not seem like the ones who would. The legends of this civilisations and heroes and heroines who have cleared this examination have a few tricks to give out.

“Don’t leave out any topic”

It may seem insignificant or too hard but don’t leave it out. You have to give it a try and then keep trying till you succeed. You can get a clear comparison of each topic and the CFA levels here

“Prepare according to the weights given on each topic”

Don’t put all your attention and focus on one topic. The exam pattern clearly states the weightage on each topic, so utilise that to maximise your marks. It’s the only way you can ace the exams with so many topics to study. Know the weights on each of the topics of the CFA LEVEL 1 syllabus here

“Take out an hour at least each day, don’t compromise it with tomorrow”

The day might have been a hectic one to complete work and chores and what not but you have to take out an hour. Even if it’s the end of the day just before you sleep open the book for an hour(there’s no better sleeping pill than a book), that way you will grasp some knowledge, a line maybe, a formula , just something . That one hour everyday can do wonders.

“Don’t use out-dated study material even if you get it for free”

Out dated material is a no no. It’s against the law of CFA exam takers. You put your examination at a risk that you will never be able to cover up. It’s a suicide. CFA material can be expensive but spend a few extra bucks now so that you don’t have to respend it for many more attempts that you wouldn’t clear if you abided by not spending money on study material. You can download free CFA LEVEL 1 and CFA LEVEL 2 materials here.

“Understand whatever you are studying rather than trying to cram it”

When you just cram everything or try memorising everything you tend to block your brain and limit it to a few words without even understanding the matter. It’s better to focus on understanding each word that you study which will not only help you solve tricky questions but also aid you in the future.

“Concentrate more on topics rather than score”

You are not the one who has to give out scores, you have to study and understand each topic well. Thus, stop worrying about your marks and concentrate on your study material. The way to succeed is to give your best.

“Practice, practice and practice. Repeat.”

It’s never enough. You can practice all your life and it won’t be enough. You can’t attain perfection nor should you aim for it but you can always give your best and that’s just what you have to do. Keep practicing and don’t stop. There are plenty of practice papers you can use some of these CFA level 1 practice papers. You can even buy mind maps and mock teststo further enhance your knowledge.

To become a permanent member of the CFA civilisation keep following these pointers and you will attain a permanent citizenship. If you have any questions or queries or any other advice that you would like to share do write it in the comments box below or email us at

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