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Source: Gizmag

Almost three and a half years back, Twitter and Google were engaged into a remarkable partnership which allowed Google to access Twitter’s firehose data stream. As per the partnership agreement, Google search results accepted the inclusion of Twitter updates through a special feed. This agreement was executed in October 2009 but unfortunately came to an end in July 2011. This resulted in Google going on all fours to index tweets and to find specific Twitter updates became a headache on search engine.

Things are looking good in present times for the whole internet community as both these internet giants have joined hands again. Google and Twitter have again agreed to a deal which will enable viewing real time Tweets from Twitter on Google search results. It will happen sometime in the first half of year 2015. This deal will enable visibility of the tweets from Twitter on Google search results immediately after they are tweeted.

Source: Designinfographics

This deal will be noteworthy for various reasons. First of all Google will pay “data-licensing” revenue. Twitter grew from $16 million to staggering $41 million in the past year and with Google by its side, there is a lot more to come.

Secondly, Twitter is looking forward to attract and monetize its services to the visitors who aren’t registered users of Twitter. This is because of the efforts put by twitter to make the promoted tweets appear on third party apps and sites like Flipboard and Yahoo Japan by amplifying its scope of advertising.

This deal will mark to be one of the brilliant deals of 2015. What lies in future ahead for both these giants is something we all will be waiting for.

How do you think this deal will affect the search results on Google?