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Develop products/partnerships and get the user when there is even a small scope of intent. That is what the biggest firms are trying to run after nowadays. Even Google search has started modifying its search results based on intent rather than just keywords(*Keywords are dead! Correlation is the new king of SEO). Uber has announced that they are partnering with Zomato to “make your dining out experience even better and more seamless than ever before.”

Uber partnership with Zomato


Zomato app users can now not only book a ride with Uber to a restaurant, but also check the estimated pickup time, fare and travel from the current location. Though it is not live for all the locations where Uber and Zomato operate, it is still available in 27 cities across 13 countries.

This is a great move by both Zomato and Uber. The user experience should increase manifold because of this feature.

Think of it this way, what do you normally do once you have checked and finalised a place to go to on Friday night? You get ready and then you think about how to reach the restaurant. Now, with Uber integration, you can book your ride within the Zomato app and by the time you’re ready, VOILA! your ride will be waiting for you.

Such partnerships are what create the difference between a good and great companies. And with Zomato’s recent acquisition of Urbanspoon, this can be a big boost for Uber in terms of capturing more market in the US as well.