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We are sure that after reading our previous blog ‘How to create job guaranteed LinkedIn profile’ your profile is all set to impress the recruiters. Today we shall learn how to search for recruiters who themselves are in search for a candidate like you.

Searching for a job or the influential people by using traditional methods can take you a lifetime and you’ll be still sitting at home with that newspaper and marker in your hand. Times have changed and so have the methods of finding jobs. LinkedIn is now considered as the best way of searching for a job. It has around 347 million users and we are sure that your future recruiter is one of them. So how do your search for them?

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search is an excellent feature that will help you in finding the vacancies or the people at the right places, all you need to know is how to use it to your benefit.

How to use LinkedIn’s Advance Search Option?

When you log in to your LinkedIn account, you will find an Advanced option next to the search bar, click on that option and you shall see a dialog box like below appear to your screen. Advanced search option on LinkedIn gives you 2 options :

• Searching for people who might help you to get a job.

• Searching for the jobs directly.

Advanced People Search on LinkedIn

Searching for Recruiters

Through LinkedIn’s people search feature, you can search for the recruiters of your dream company without knowing their name and can connect with them.

For example, if you have a company in mind and want to connect to its HR team, you can do it through this function.  Just mention the name of the company under the option of Company and in Title you can mention the designation (HR manager or HR executive or just HR)

Searching for people who share the same skills and education as yours

Not sure about which company to join? Don’t know which companies provide the job that you’re looking for? This tactic will help you in connecting with people of similar profile.

Through LinkedIn you can know which companies hire people who have same skills or education as yours. In the keyword field mention your skills or your degree and in location field select the location of your choice and click on search. So if you have searched for marketing skills, you shall receive a list of professionals who have listed marketing as their skill. You can go through their profile and get information about the employer and can also check for vacancies through their company page.

Advanced Job Search on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn job search feature will tell you about the vacancies in particular field. Through this feature you can exactly know if there are any vacancies in the companies that you are interested in. For instance, if you want to know that about the vacancies at Ogilvy and Mather in the Digital Marketing Department in US, you exactly have to search for the same thing. In the keywords field type Digital Marketing, in company type Ogilvy & Mather and in location US. You can also mention the postal code if you are looking for an exact location.

You will see the list of vacancies when you click on search, go through them and apply for the one which you think is fit. If you don’t have any specific company in mind then you can leave the Company field empty and you shall see the vacancies in Digital Marketing at your location.

Boolean Search on LinkedIn

If you want to search for multiple keywords at the same time, you can use Boolean functions which will show relevant results for all your keywords. You can use OR, AND and NOT functions to filter/enhance your results.

AND function

When you want to search for people/jobs with more than 1 keyword, you can use the AND operator or Boolean search. For example, if you want to search for people with SEO, SEM and Social Media skills listed, so you can use SEO AND SEM AND Social Media in the keywords field and you will see the results shows the list of professionals who have all these 3 skills listed.

OR Function

When you want to find the records of people that consist atleast one of your many keywords, then you can use the OR operator. For example, if you want to find people that are either good at SEO or Social Media then you can type SEO OR Social Media in the keyword field.

NOT Function

When you want to exclude something from your search, you can use NOT operator. For example, if you are searching for only SEO experts then you can type SEO NOT SEM NOT Social Media NOT Digital Marketing in the keyword field and you search results will show you only SEO experts.

The best part about the Advanced Search Option on LinkedIn is that your search can be as narrow as possible or as broad as possible. If used in the right way, you definitely can get your dream job via LinkedIn.

So if you have not yet started using this advanced search feature then start today and if you have been using this then share with us how it has helped you by commenting below.