USMLE Step 1 Live Virtual Classes
We wish to let you know why USMLE Step 1 Live Virtual Classes is one of the most-opted learning platforms for USMLE candidates. Know what is it like to learn USMLE through LVC with EduPristine-Becker?

Get real look and feel of a Classroom: Becker’s Live Virtual Classroom in India gives you the structure of a Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) with the flexibility to study from US-based faculty in Indian Standard Time.

Experience real-time presentations: The US faculty will teach you the course in real-time and other virtual students using a webcam while sharing his/her desktop. He or she will guide you through USMLE study plan, concepts, step-by-step to make it easier for you to learn.

Have live Interaction with Faculty: LVC will provide spontaneous discussion among learners and US faculty. A separate comment window will be provided to you, wherein, you can interact with your faculty and ask specific questions at any time during class.
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The USMLE Step 1 Live Virtual Classroom in India includes:

  • 275 hours of live online lectures spread over 10 weeks
  • 30 hours of Integrated Cases review by Dr. Lionel Raymond
  • 9 months access to interactive online study
  • 9 months access to Becker’s Question Bank
  • 7 volumes of Hardcover textbooks & interactive e-books
  • Personal Becker Medical Advisor to help you design your study plan and prepares you for residency success.

Admissions for the upcoming LVC USMLE step 1 registration is open for Batches in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.