Will I pass FMGE- Screening test? The pass percentage in FMGE is very low? I have no other options? No one to guide me? I will never be at par to an India MBBS student!

These are few of many questions a foreign medical student has. This blog addresses some of these questions with a hope that it would help you in your future.

What is FMGE?

FMG is an abbreviation for a Foreign Medical Graduate, a student possessing a primary medical qualification  awarded by any medical institution outside India. Whereas a FMGE – Screening test is abbreviated for foreign medical graduate examination- screening test, which a FMG has to pass for obtaining a provisional or permanent registration with Medical Council of India or any State Medical Council. 

Benefits of FMGE:

The 5 – 6 years that students stay away from their family and country to pursue the dream of becoming a medical graduate is incomplete until they qualify the FMGE- Screening test. The FMGE enables them to practice in India, after a year of internship. 

What is USMLE?

The United State Medical Licensing Examination consists of three exams; STEP1, STEP 2CK, STEP 2 CS and Step 3. An applicant needs to qualify all these exam for obtaining licensure in United States. For International Medical graduates (IMGs), the Education Commission for foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) evaluates the medical qualification of IMGs, their medical school and also conducts USMLE STEP 2CS. 

Benefits of USMLE:

After completing USMLE you can;

  1. Apply for residency and fellowship in USA
  2. Attain life time validity of ECFMG certificate The Education Commission for foreign Medical Graduates”)
  3. Obtain acceptance to work in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Dubai and/or Qatar
  4. Avail better academics and research facilities
  5. Fasten green card processing

FMGE- Screening test vs USMLE:


USMLE FMGE- Screening test
Application Online procedure with a good online support Online
Applying for exam Can begin during MBBS After obtaining formal degree after graduation from the foreign universities.
Held in a year Any time, as per your preparation and convenience Twice a year.
After passing Eligible to apply for residency in US Compulsory one year internship in India.
Formal training Online USMLE preparation materials and consultation available to assist you all time Not available or not at par.
Number of Exams STEP1, 2CK, CS and 3 Single exam.
Centre for Exams Available in most of the countries in theworld Only India
Pass percentages High (above 75%) Very low(approx. 20%)
Syllabus Well defined No subjective weightage.
Clinical skills Syllabus is according to latest guidelines and newer diseases and treatment. Tests your clinical skills. Makes a good physician with good clinical and theoretical knowledge Fixed books with uncertainty on syllabus and results. No clinical skill testing done

Importance of formal training and guidance by professional institute.

Formal training and guidance by professional institute will help you in passing your USMLE examinations. The right direction for preparation and high standard updated preparation materials are of utmost importance. These would surely benefit you not just in getting high scores but also in ERAS application and matching process.

Why EduPristine:

EduPristine has collaborated with the prestigious Becker’s institute for USMLE. Becker’s preparation materials are comprehensive, engaging and focused with continuously updated curriculum, which is of vital importance. Their intensive USMLE course with EduPristine expertise and vast experience in other examinations will definitely help in USMLE examinations and matching in residency.