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Vistara to start operations in India from January

December 24, 2014

Vistara, a joint venture of the Tata conglomerate with Singapore Airlines is scheduled to start its operations in India from January 9, 2015. According to the airlines officials, the New Delhi based service will commence its operations with a fleet of Airbus A320-200s with initial flights to Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The announcement comes at a particularly testing time for the aviation industry with budget airlines like SpiceJet

Vistara is hopeful that the government would soon abolish the rule that says that an air carrier should operate in the domestic market for 5 years and the 20 aircraft fleet to fly to serve on the international routes.

Vistara CEO Phee Teik Yeoh said that he’s optimistic about the potential of the Indian aviation market and that he believes that government will continue to take action to remove the cost impediment that is ailing the industry.

The Tata Group and Singapore Airlines had announced the plan to launch Vistara on September 19. According to reports, the company has signed interline agreement with Singapore Airlines and is also in talks with other airlines for the same.

Vistara will work to expedite its international footprint once curbs on newer airlines to start international operations are removed. Vistara is said to have hired over 400 people already.

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