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How to increase your referral traffic

Any traffic on website is considered a good traffic when you are working as an SEO expert. You work day in and day out just to see the numbers increase and when that happens, you expect more. Basically, you are never satisfied with the number or should we say that the client is never satisfied.

There are 4 kinds of traffic:

• Direct Traffic

• Organic Traffic

• Referral Traffic

• Paid Traffic

Today, we shall talk about the ways that will help you to increase your Referral Traffic.

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral traffic is Google’s method of reporting visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. These sources can be other blogs, social media sites, forums etc.

How to increase your Referral Traffic?

Link Building

Any Digital Marketer will know the importance of building backlinks, but the important part over here is to build quality links. If you have a backlink from a popular website, then it becomes obvious that most of the people visiting their website will visit yours as well which shall increase your traffic.

To check the quality of your links, you can use Majestic, a powerful link analysis tool that will help you decide whether the websites are trusted or no.

Backlink info by Majestic

Sean Allan of SiamMandalay says, “Referral traffic will increase as you develop your SEO link building. Building links is the corner stone of SEO and digital marketing. You should be building links – through reviews, guestposts and editorials (like this) – that are relevant to your field providing a solid, consistent stream of referral traffic that is scalable.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs by others will not only help you build a healthy relationship and backlinks but will also garner you a lot of referral traffic. But this can be achieved only when it is done in a right way. You cannot go comment on each and every blog “well written” or “Thanks for the information“. That will make you look like a spammer. Instead, follow the following steps:

  • Try to find some good articles from your own domain. You can easily do so by using the BuzzSumo tool.  Through BuzzSumo, you can find the content that is most shared and liked by the people.

using BuzzSumo

  • After you get your article, go through it and see if there were any points that can be added or something that needs correction.
  • Go through the comments section and see if the author acknowledges the comments and go through the comments of others.
  • If you think, that you have some views that are not yet shared, don’t hesitate and comment right away.

Pro Tip: Try to be one of the early commenter as that will gain you more referral traffic. For commenting early, you can subscribe to the email list of the bloggers which will ensure that you receive the mail as soon as it is published.

Harshajyoti Das, entrepreneur, marketer and author of Zero Advertising Cost says,”Blog commenting can be an amazing advertising strategy for referral traffic. It’s still a hidden advertising strategy. You can post a comment on almost any blog and it gets accepted within 12 hours. Whether it’s Forbes, Huffingtonpost or any major online blog, you can post your comment on all of these sites. It’s indirect marketing or interaction marketing where you do not promote product or services. Instead you build a relationship with an audience or with the blog owner. It comes down to increasing one’s visibility. As the visibility increases, more and more people clicks on your name to land on your website.

Create Embeddable tools or calculator

This one is a little difficult and will require a lot of effort by your tech team but this is results guaranteed. When you create something that makes someone’s life easier then they are bound to use it or embed it on their website.

Marc Prosser, the co-founder and managing partner of Marc Waring Ventures used this technique and created SBA Loan Calculator on his website Fit Small Business. He says, “In May 2015, this calculator received 1,500 pageviews. Plenty of sites talk about SBA Loans, but our calculator offers unique value by calculating the interest rate, debt service ratio, and monthly payment based on user input. Because of what this calculator offers, other sites are willing to embed it on their site.

Create and Add Infographics

If an ordinary image is equivalent to thousand words, then an infographic is equivalent to 10 thousand words. Infographics are shareable, linkable and evergreen asset. Many a times people don’t have time to read an entire article, so if you have an infographic, it will save a lot of time and increase the chances of sharing. Also, if your infographic is good enough, then people may use it in their articles which will provide you backlinks as well.

infographic on importance of infographic
Source: Zabisco
Andrea Mocherman, VP of Marketing at Gravit8 Marketing says,” Infographics, if done well, have a great opportunity to go viral and be picked up or reposted across various industry blogs and websites generating referral links back to your site. By applying the correct SEO keywords to the infographic, you will find the shelf life of the data lasting for years to come. Depending what your skill set is you can create the infographic or you can outsource the design to any graphic designer or hire one via Fiverr or Odesk

Promotion via Social Media

Social media
Social Media can help a lot to get you the much needed referral traffic. But before promoting your content on Social Media make sure that your content is up to the mark. Choose the right platform to promote your content, if you are into B2B business, use LinkedIn. Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and share your content there. If the content is good enough, people will share it and you shall surely generate referral traffic.

Stephen Murphy, Partner at Red Bamboo Marketing says,”The simplest way to get referral traffic to your blog is to put it in the eyes of industry influencers. You can do this by sharing your blog on social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin), by sharing to industry specific forums (like Reddit and BizSugar). On the post itself, add sharing buttons and comments that make it dead simple to share your content.

Guest Blogging

This again is a time consuming process but the results through this are definite provided you take up guest blogging for the reputed websites. Try searching for the bloggers in your industry and offer them help. We are sure, that they won’t say a no if you are an expert in your field. Choose a good and engaging topic to write on and create a decent content on it. If everything goes as suggested then referral visits are guaranteed.

writing a guest blog
Source: brawnycode
Jason Parks, owner of The Media Captain says, “I contribute article content onto some of the most well-known social media, entrepreneur and millennial marketing related websites. All of these topics are of interest to me and relate to my brand. I am able to generate a healthy amount of referral traffic through this strategy. Writing high quality content on a consistent basis is time consuming. My recommendation would be to dedicate a morning on the weekend or an evening during the week to generating content.

Use Quora

Quora is a question and answer website that can help you a lot with your referral traffic. All you need to do is find questions related to your industry and answer excellently. And yes, don’t forget to add the link to your site or blog page.

Chris Post, owner of Post Modern Marketing says, “Take your best content and go to and find questions people are asking related to your post topics. Add your reply to the relevant questions and make sure to link your to your post to support your response. Now when others read this question now or in the future, they will theoretically clicking on your links thus driving more referral traffic.

So that were some of the techniques from our side, we are sure that you too are using some great techniques, so don’t forget to share them in the comments box below.