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What Are The Job Opportunities After Completing ACCA Qualification?

ACCA is a certification that is globally recognized by organizations. The ACCA course full form is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The ACCA certification is a high-demand certification course as it opens doors globally for a candidate. There are a lot of job opportunities that are available after completing ACCA. If a candidate has an ACCA certificate, they can apply for a job overseas. This course provides a broad spectrum of topics since the ACCA course syllabus is very vast. The market is growing globally, and it is generating jobs in different fields of accounting. All the jobs after ACCA are highly respected. So if you are looking for well-paying jobs, there are some fields like taxation, advising, the management of funds, etc, you should consider pursuing.

Here are some of the job roles that a candidate can pursue after completing their ACCA Course.

  • Auditor
  • Financial Manager
  • Tax Manager

Roles and Responsibilities for some of the high-paying jobs available after completing the ACCA course

  1. Auditor:
    1. An Auditor’s role is very important in an organization. They are responsible for reviewing the financial documents of an organization.
    2. It is very important to have an eye for detail as an Auditor since their responsibilities also include ensuring that the tax laws are being properly complied with by the company.
    3. Auditors make sure that all the company’s financial statements comply with the GAAP. The role of an Auditor is to make an Auditor’s report which has all the financial statements and their opinion stating whether every financial procedure is being followed correctly or not.
    4. An Auditor’s report is a formal opinion of the Auditor which includes financial statements, management accounts, management reports, etc. An Auditor’s report is only issued after the process of auditing is completed.
    5. They work in different industrial sectors. Some of the skills that an Auditor has are critical and strategic thinking, strong business acumen, and strong interpersonal skills.
    6. Career Scope: ACCA Course in India

  2. Financial Manager
    1. Unlike Auditors, Financial Managers make financial reports. They are responsible for making these reports and cash flow statements which help with project projections.
    2. The role of a Financial Manager is managing and taking care of the finances of a business.
    3. Some of the skills that are very important for a Financial Manager are tackling issues, strong presentation, and interpersonal skills, being up to date with commercial and business awareness, etc.
    4. A Financial Manager offers suggestions and gives insights to the team regarding finances that help an organization to make the right choices and decisions.
    5. They help in avoiding financial blunders and provide professional guidance and advice to management.
    6. The career of a Financial Manager is high in demand as the need for finance professionals is growing. They also look over the finance operations, direct investment, and analytics along with some other major roles.
  3. Tax Managers:
    1. If you wish to work as a Tax Manager, you need to be ready to put in the hard work that is required. Even though this profession is challenging, it is equally rewarding. A Tax Manager has great yearly packages.
    2. A Tax Manager is an experienced professional who has expertise in managing tax. A Tax Manager can work as a freelancer as well as an employee for an organization.
    3. The main responsibility of a Tax Manager is to look after accounting staff in their organization, maintaining reports, and making sure that the company is complying with the tax regulations.
    4. A Tax Manager should be skilled in accounting and taxation, be well aware of taxation laws, and have strong problem-solving skills.
    5. A Tax Manager should also have an excellent working knowledge of MS Office since they oversee a lot of tasks. They are very efficient workers.
    6. A Tax Manager provides an answer to different tax problems and gives working solutions for the same. Their role is to inform the staff of the company of new legislative developments.
    7. A Tax Manager’s role is to develop strategies that help the clients and explain all the important tax regulations to them in such a way that they understand.
    8. Average Salary in ACCA Course (in INR)

Scope of ACCA Course

  • ACCA course can be pursued after 10+2 i.e. 12th. The ACCA course eligibility is flexible, but the student should have a minimum of 65% in Mathematics/Accounts and English and a minimum of 50% in other subjects. 
  • For candidates who are looking to broaden their knowledge and have plans of moving abroad to work, this course is excellent for them. 
  • The ACCA course is associated with the fastest-growing international accountancy association, which gives a lot of scope to the candidates pursuing this course. 
  • A lot of companies prefer ACCA’s because of their practical knowledge. The opportunities for an ACCA are plenty. 
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