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What Are The Job Opportunities After Completing CPA Qualification?

The CPA course certification is gaining a lot of weightage in the new age. With the CPA certification, you can apply at MNC’s and for jobs in different countries. Having a CPA license helps the individual get ahead in their career and gain monetary benefits. The CPA certification is equivalent to the designation of a CA in most of countries. If you have a CPA certification, you can work globally. The job opportunities for a CPA in India differ depending upon the role they choose. Generally, a candidate with a CPA degree can work in Auditing, Finance, Accountancy, Investments, etc. All jobs that a CPA can pursue are in high demand.

Who is a CPA?

  • A CPA is an accounting professional who is licensed by the state board of Accountancy. A CPA is a certified public accountant who is interested in protecting the interests of the public. 
  • The designation of a CPA is very reputed. They help in the attainment of the financial goal of a business, individual, etc. CPAs work with multiple industries rather than sticking to one specific industry. 
  • Similarly, they are capable of working for multiple functions like interpreting financial records, auditing and review, tax preparation, consulting services, financial planning, litigation consulting and much more. 
  • To be a CPA the candidate must pass all the four levels of the CPA exam. The CPA, in India, is a highly qualified title in accountancy. 
  • It is a globally recognized and respected designation in a lot of international companies. A CPA professional can work overseas as they have extensive knowledge about accounting and International Accounting Standards. 
  • The title of a CPA is only provided to licensed accounting professionals.

Career Scope: CPA Course in India

Some of the Job roles that a candidate can apply for after completing the CPA Course are:

  1. Personal Financial Advisor
    1. The role of a Personal Financial Advisor is to provide their clients with financial advice that is specifically customized for them.
    2. They offer a lot of services and advice on what is best for their clients. They help in managing finances and make financial plans that are suitable for their clients.
    3. After the evaluation of these plans, they advise their clients. They are responsible for making the financial report which helps in mitigating the losses and providing solutions.
    4. A Personal Financial Advisor helps in saving energy and a lot of time in financial planning. They are responsible for keeping their client’s finances aligned.
  2. Finance Director:
    1. A CPA licensed professional can apply for the directorial post of finance or Finance Director.
    2. A Finance Director oversees the financial statements of a company and plans long-term growth.
    3. They are extremely beneficial for a company as they help with long-term progress and financial growth.
    4. A Finance Directors’ role is to come up with strategies that will help the company in earning profits.
    5. They also supervise all the aspects of a company’s financial health. They have a group of people who report to them about the outgoing and incoming expenditure.
  3. Corporate Controller:
    1. The role of a Corporate Controller is very crucial. They oversee all the accounting and financial activities, which include budgeting, accounts that need to be cleared, accounts receivable, billing, etc.
    2. They also help in the assessment and management of important budgeting schedules.
    3. A Corporate Controller’s task also includes assisting and overseeing financial reporting along with taking care of important duties related to payroll.
    4. They create crisp financial statements that help in the improvement of financial plans.
    5. They play a crucial role in budgeting and help the organization with a budget of their current and future expenses.

Becker’s CPA Course

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 US Certified Public Accountant (CPA Course)

CPA Course Eligibility

The CPA Course Eligibility is Post-Graduation, preferably in commerce. However, the criteria may differ from State to State.

Some of the other selective courses that are accepted are-

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India
  • Member of the Company Secretaries in India
  • Master of Commerce
  • MBA

US CPA Course Benefits

The benefits of the US CPA course are diverse. Some of the benefits of the CPA course are-

  • Globally recognized course
  • Opportunity to work with MNCs 
  • Job Opportunities in foreign countries
  • US CPA Certification and license
  • Boost your career
  • More monetary gains

Average Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Salary in India

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