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What Are The Job Opportunities After Completing PGP-BAT Qualification?

Professionals who are skilled in Business Accounting and Taxation are in high demand. The industry is growing as more and more people are setting up their businesses. Every business, organization, or individual requires these professionals. They are found in various sectors as the field is broad. They work in private as well as public sectors in high-profile jobs. A certified BAT candidate can work in different fields such as Taxation, Auditing, Real Estate Financing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting, Revenue Agent, Corporate Taxation, Personal Finance Consultant, etc. After completing the course and obtaining the certificate, the students are exposed to how the corporate world works.

Some of the lucrative entry-level job roles are-

  1. Auditing Assistant
    1. The role of an Auditing Assistant is to perform simple auditing tasks. They are at an entry-level position, and this role is generally given to graduates and candidates with less work experience.
    2. The role of an Auditing Assistant is to analyze and monitor the financial reports of a company.
    3. They also help and assist the auditors and staff in the documentation process of the audits. Their role is to evaluate internal controls, and they provide recommendations about the audits and policies of the company.
  2. Tax Assistant
    1. A Tax Assistant works with the accounting department of an organization. Their job includes monitoring tax reports, tax expenses, tax filings, etc.
    2. They pay special attention to making sure that the tax deadlines are being met and taxes are being filed correctly.
    3. A Tax Assistant helps in performing simple administrative work along with filing tax reports.
    4. Some of the important skills that a Tax Assistant must have are good Mathematical skills, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.
  3.  Career Prospects: PGP-BAT Course

  4. Accounting Assistant
    1. As the name suggests, an Accounting Assistant is at an assistant post at a company.
    2. The job is to make sure that the accounting department is functioning smoothly and that they aren’t facing any issues.
    3. Their role also includes evaluation of budgets and tracking the account expenses along with processing important documents such as invoices, financial statements, etc.

What should I do after B.Com?

  • Seeing the competition around, it is very natural to be worried about the “what next” question. 
  • If you have just completed your Bachelor’s in Commerce and are looking to study further, a PGP-BAT course will be a nod in the right direction. 
  • The PGP-BAT course India is a post-graduation program specifically designed for students who are looking to upskill and want to be exceptionally skilled in Business Accounting and Taxation. 
  • The PGP-BAT course is designed in such a way that it provides in detail knowledge and insights about the Business Accounting and Taxation field. 
  • This course has a lot to offer as it gives practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the accounting and finance field. 
  • If you are looking for a course that will help you excel in your career, PGP-BAT is the right choice for you. The PGP-BAT course eligibility is very direct and simple. 
  • To be eligible for this course you should have a bachelor’s degree in B.Com, BBI, or BAF. They can build their careers up in various sectors. The PGP-BAT course teaches skills that are a prerequisite in the industry. If you are a fresher with no experience, this course will shape your personality and give you a better grasp of these concepts.

 Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT)

Benefits of Doing the PGP-BAT Course

  • After a bachelor’s degree, it is often difficult to decide what to do and which course to pursue. 
  • Everyone wants to do something that will be beneficial for them and help in upscaling their profession. 
  • Pursuing the PGP-BAT course is the correct choice career-wise, and there are a lot of benefits of doing this course.
  • Some of the benefits are-
    • Advanced skill set and in-depth knowledge about Business Accounting and Taxation
    • High salary scale with experience 
    • A route to a successful career in Business Accounting and Taxation
    • Exposure to various accounting jobs as well as financial jobs
    • Certification from a respected and renowned educational institution
    • Practical knowledge of the industry
    • Hands-on knowledge in accounting and compliance
    • A candidate can pursue all jobs i.e. they are not limited to only the accounting field, they can also work in the field of finance. It provides a diverse range of job opportunities.

Is EduPristine a Good Institute?

  • EduPristine is a very esteemed institution. It is the best PGP-BAT course institute in India
  • EduPristine provides 8 modules for the PGP-BAT Course and one additional module i.e., Soft Skills, which is especially important since it helps with the development of the personality of the students. 
  • EduPristine also provides career services and placement assistance after the completion of the whole course. 
  • After the PGP-BAT Course exam is cleared, the candidate gets the certificate. There is no experience required to get the PGP-BAT certification. 
  • The PGP-BAT Course duration is a minimum of 3-4 months, in which all the 9 modules are covered in detail. 
  • It provides experiential classroom training and case studies that give them a unique experience. 
  • EduPristine lectures are taken by industry professionals who have immense knowledge and experience in the field. 
  • The lectures for these 9 modules are spread across the time of 3-4 months. It engages in conceptual understanding, which helps the candidate understand the theoretical aspects better. 
  • If you want to know more about the PGP-BAT Course details, you can get in touch with our experts and learn more about this PGP-BAT Course. 
  • You can walk in at our centers to know about the PGP-BAT Course fees.