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What are the job opportunities after completing the CMA qualification?

The need for financial security is increasing and becoming a priority when it comes to choosing a career. Most of the companies these days prefer candidates with an additional qualification other than a graduation degree. In this fast-growing world, the competition among peers for good jobs is increasing day by day, and enhancing skills has become important to make a mark. The CMA course is a high-status certification in Management Accounting, and the course’s demand is increasing due to excellent job opportunities. The CMA course full form is Certified Management Accountant, and the CMA course certification is given by IMA.

What is the scope of CMA (USA) offered by IMA in India?

  • The CMA course in India, that is offered by IMA, has a lot of significance. 
  • Since this course provides in-depth knowledge about Management Accounting and is globally recognized, the scope of this course is widespread. 
  • In India and globally, CMA is a well known and very respected designation. 
  • A candidate with a CMA designation can work in top MNC’s in India and can easily start a career internationally. 
  • The scope of CMA (USA) is growing, and CMA certified candidates hold high management positions in the public as well as the private sector companies. 
  • All jobs that CMA offers are well paying, and after the completion of the CMA course, candidates can apply for positions such as a Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Accountant, Relationship Manager, Management Accountant, Financial Analyst, etc.

US CMA Jobs in India

Role and Responsibilities of some of the well-paying positions after CMA –

  1. Cost Accountant
    1. A Cost Accountant is a skilled professional who is very much in demand in all sectors. Their primary job role is to record, analyze and go through every single cost the is incurred by the company.
    2. They analyze these costs and gather the information that helps them identify where the company is losing money and how to control these costs.
    3. They help make wise financial decisions, prepare assets, make financial reports, etc.
  2. Cost Manager
    1. A Cost Manager is responsible for managing the costs of an organization.
    2. They make sure that the company’s budget is kept under control within acceptable limits and no extra costs are made.
    3. The role of a Cost Manager is to control and optimize the costs. They help with the long-term cost plans of a company.
    4. A Cost Manager’s role is to audit the ongoing projects of the company and create an efficient operations process using the financial information of the company.
  3. Financial Controller
    1. The Financial Controller of a company is the lead accountant.
    2. The job role of a Financial Controller is to perform reporting duties, make balance sheets, create budgets, and oversee the accounting process of a company.
    3. They set up bank accounts and make sure that payments are being received from customers and debtors.
    4. The role and scope of the Financial Controller vary from industry to industry.

Boost Your Accounting Career With US CMA course

Which is the best online coaching for the CMA Course?

  • With the increasing demand for the CMA course, a lot of new coaching institutes are being set up in the market. 
  • The USA CMA course is identified as the highest level of certification in Management Accounting. 
  • EduPristine is a training institute that provides training for the CMA course. EduPristine provides online, offline, and self-study packages for the CMA course training
  • The student can opt for any training option according to their requirement. 
  • EduPristine is known for its Soft Skills training which is essential for building a personality. 
  • They offer placement assistance and career services which help the students secure a job and build up their professional profile.
  • The CMA course duration is a minimum of 6 months, depending on the student’s pace. If you are interested in knowing more about the CMA course details or its eligibility, you can get in touch with our professionals.