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What Are The Job Opportunities After Doing The FRM Course?

The FRM course is a professional course in finance. It is a high-level designation in the corporate world. The fact that the FRM course syllabus is vast and covers crucial topics, which can be applied to different job roles in various sectors, has increased the number of overall job opportunities available. A candidate pursuing the FRM course has an edge over other candidates because FRM course training makes the candidate confident and enhances their skills. The FRM course in India is working its way up and gaining a lot of recognition. The requirement for Financial Risk Managers is also increasing day by day. The FRM course provides lucrative job opportunities that will be beneficial for the candidate’s career. Finance jobs are high in demand and their popularity is increasing day by day. It’s particularly important to have detailed knowledge about the job role one is getting into and possess the skills that are required for that position.

Here are some of the job roles that a candidate can apply for after completing the FRM course-

  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Operational Risk Analyst/ Manager
  • Market Risk Analyst/ Manager

Roles and Responsibilities for some of the top jobs available after completing the FRM course

  1. Risk Management Consultant
    1. A Risk Management Consultant is a professional who is skilled in managing risks. They analyze and assess the possible risks.
    2. Their role is also to monitor the risks and prepare a detailed report so that the risks can be addressed by the organization.
    3. A Risk Management Consultant is sometimes hired for a specific role to provide solutions for specific risks.
    4. They help clients in decreasing or avoiding risks that might incur in their operations by giving them an understanding of the problems.
    5. The job role of a Risk Management Consultant is challenging but it comes with monetary gains as every business requires a Risk Management Consultant.
    6. Some of the skills that a Risk Management Consultant should have are analytical skills, problem-solving, strategic thinking, financial knowledge, and skills, etc.
    7. Career Scope: FRM Course in India

  2. Operational Risk Analyst/ Manager
    1. An Operational Risk Analyst/ Manager helps a client or organization in diminishing the risks that occur in the organization.
    2. They are smart thinkers who have the skill to tackle problems. They mainly help in the suspension of risks that arise from operations and internally inside the organization.
    3. An Operational Risk Analyst/Manager’s responsibility is to evaluate an organization’s practical problem and analyze the policies and procedures that are followed by them to reduce the risks.
    4. An excellent Operational Risk Analyst identifies the future problems that might occur and prepares solutions on how to avoid them or reduce their impact.
    5. Just like a Risk Management Consultant, an Operational Risk Analyst/ Manager can also work in any sector because as long as operations are happening in a business, risk will always be involved.
    6. They are responsible for overlooking the impact of the operational risks and record them.
  3. Market Risk Analyst/ Manager
    1. The position of a Market Risk Analyst/ Manager is highly demanding. If you are someone who is looking to make a career in this profession, big things are coming your way.
    2. The role of a Market Risk Analyst/ Manager is excellent for someone skilled at identifying and predicting market risks.
    3. A Market Risk Analyst/ Manager is amazing at research that helps in settling the probability of the losses and determining the gains from the investments.
    4. It helps in getting an idea of the market and what will happen to the market in the future, including the calculation of losses and profits.
    5. This role is very crucial to an organization as it sets the monetary records and analyses the probability of the losses or profits that might incur in the future.
    6. They also mitigate the market risks along with analyzing and closely monitoring them.
    7. Average Salary in FRM Course (in INR)

FRM Course Scope in India

  • The FRM course scope in India is diverse. This course is globally recognized, which provides a broader scope to the candidates.
  • Since FRM is administered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) and is a professional certification for banking and finance professionals, it adds extra excellence to a candidate’s portfolio. 
  • The FRM course curriculum provides high-end knowledge and covers topics such as quantitative analysis, risk management, etc.
  • If a candidate is looking for a job internationally or in MNC’s the FRM course will be highly beneficial for them. To get the FRM certification, the candidate needs to clear all the exam parts. It is a top-level certificate. 
  • With the growing competition in today’s world, it is never a bad decision to do an additional certification course that helps you boost your career. 
  • The FRM course that is provided by EduPristine prepares its students for career reality with practical as well as Soft Skills Training. 
  • It also includes advanced mock tests and a dedicated forum where the students are assisted. The FRM course duration is one year i.e. if the student is focused and dedicated, this course can be completed within a year with both parts cleared. 
  • The course training which is offered by EduPristine is of 75 days. The FRM course helps in acquiring knowledge and with EduPristine’s career services and placement assistance, finding jobs in this field has gotten easier. 
  • If you want to know more about the FRM course details or FRM course fees, you can visit us for a counselling session or get in touch with our experts.