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What is CPA Course?

The CPA course is a highly acclaimed accounting course. Certified Public Accountant, commonly known as CPA, is a globally recognized designation. Having a US CPA course certificate will help in the expansion of your job prospects internationally. The USA CPA course is very prestigious and helpful for candidates who are looking to prosper in their career globally. The CPA course exam is administered by the world’s largest accounting body which is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The CPA course syllabus is that covers accountancy as an international concept which gives the candidate an insight into how Indian accountancy is different than international. Whether you work for an MNC or for individual entities, the CPA course has a lot of scopes. Candidates are exposed to a variety of national and international accounting jobs and finance jobs, which expose them to different career paths. 

Step by step guide for US CPA exam registration

  • It is very important to follow the exam registration process correctly. Since the registration process for the CPA exam is a little complicated, we have made a step-by-step guide on how to register for the exam.
    • To apply for the CPA exam the candidates need to register themselves on the official website like or the world education service. 
    • AICPA is the body that conducts and monitors the CPA exam. The eligibility criteria to apply for the CPA course exam varies from state to state. 
    • Since each state has different eligibility criteria, the candidate needs to make sure whether they are eligible for the exam or not based on the state they apply for. 
    • Different requirements need to be met, but most of them are prerequisites that include education and a minimum of 120 credits for the exam and a minimum of 150 credits for the license. 
    • The candidate should be a Postgraduate in Commerce to be eligible. The candidate is also eligible if they have a background in or are a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India, Member of the Company Secretaries in India, Master of Commerce, MBA. 
    • Indian CA IPCC with B.Com degrees is also accepted by some of the states in the US.
    • There are a few documents that the candidates require while enrolling. After getting the documents verified, the candidate will be eligible for the CPA exam. During the verification process, if some of the documents are missing, the verification process will be on hold and will only be completed after all the documents are submitted and verified by the state.
    • Step by step guide for US CPA exam registration

    • The Board of Accountancy determines whether you are eligible or not to appear for the CPA exam. After the completion of the verification process, the candidates need to register themselves on the official site and fill the CPA exam application form. This application form has a bunch of educational and personal questions and is sent with the CPA application fee.
    • The Authorization to Test (ATT) varies from state to state. ATT is only issued after approving the candidate’s application.
    • This document will further help in the sign-up process for the US CPA exam in the applied state. The ATT is only good for 90 days, so the candidate needs to decide which section they want to apply for.
    • After choosing the section, the candidate needs to login into their account and pay the CPA exam section fee. The CPA exam fee ranges from 100-250 USD, depending on the state.
    • After the payment of the exam fee and the application approval, the candidate will receive the Notice to Schedule (NTS). It takes a minimum of 6 weeks to receive the NTS.
    • NTS is the legal document that allows the candidate to sit for the uniform CPA exam. Upon receiving the NTS, the candidates can log into the Prometric website in order to schedule the CPA exam. After selecting the exam date, candidates have the option to select the testing location center where they can take the exam.
    • On the day of the exam, the student needs to carry valid ID forms and NTS to appear for the exam.

CPA License Eligibility

CPA Licence

  • To apply for the CPA license, the criteria may vary from State to State. Many states require a work experience of 1-2 years under a CPA. 
  • An ethics exam is also an eligibility criteria for a few states to obtain a CPA license. 
  • The work experience should be in the field of auditing, taxation, accountancy, or of an accounting professor at the university level. 
  • After meeting the criteria and clearing all the four sections within 18 months, the candidate will obtain the CPA license.

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