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What is PGP in Business Accounting and Taxation?

The PGP-BAT is a post-graduate program specially designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in Business Accounting and Taxation. The PGP-BAT course is a practical course that is designed in such a way that it gives the students experiential learning, prepares them for problems, and challenges them in the domain of accounting and taxation. It prepares the students to face real-world challenges and gives an insight into how the accounting industry works. Over the course of time, accounting and taxation have changed and now there is a high demand for individuals who are skilled in business accounting. Now every individual understands the importance of filing taxes and maintaining their accounts which has raised the demand for these professionals. The PGP-BAT course gives its students the right training and experience to build their portfolios.

PGP-BAT Course Duration:

  • With diligent and sincere focus, the PGP-BAT course can be cleared very easily. 
  • The PGP-BAT course duration ranges from 3-4 months.

PGP-BAT Course Eligibility

  • The PGP-BAT course eligibility is open for all graduates. Since this course covers accounting and taxation in detail, it is easier for students from a commerce background. The minimum eligibility for the PGP BAT course is a Graduation degree in B.Com, BBI, or BAF.

Benefits of Doing PGP in Business Accounting Taxation Course?

PGP-BAT Course Details:

  • The PGP-BAT course details consist of conceptual understanding and practical implementation. To focus more on the theoretical aspect of the course curriculum, conceptual understanding training is conducted. The candidates can apply for this course by visiting the center. There is no entrance exam conducted for this course. The PGP-BAT course is beneficial for candidates who are looking to upskill themselves. Some of the job roles that a candidate can pursue are
    1. Accounting Assistant
    2. Accounting Supervisor
    3. Senior Accountant
    4. Auditing Assistant
    5. Accounting Administrator
    6. Tax Assistant
    7. Tax Manager

PGP-BAT Course Syllabus:

  • The PGP-BAT Course Syllabus is vast and covers a lot of topics. There are 8 different types of modules that are offered with an additional module of Soft Skills.
  • Here are some of the important topics that are covered in the curriculum-
    1. Tally – The Tally includes two ledgers, cash and profit and loss account. The Tally is multi-functional software that helps in accounting. It is used in recording several financial transactions and events. The Tally software includes inventory management, accounting, payroll preparation, multiple go-downs management, cost center management, etc. Tally helps in maintaining accounts, keeping records, and analytical operations that are useful in the management of an organization.
    2. GST (Goods and Service Tax)
      • GST is an indirect tax that is applied to the supply of goods and services in India. This helps in making payments, file refunds and returns, and record transactions using Tally. It teaches how to apply, evaluate, and the registration process of GST.
        • Some of the types of GST are-
          • The Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)
          • The State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)
          • The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)
          • The Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)
    3. BUSY software
      • The BUSY software helps in the creation of ledgers, post transactions, extract GST reports, and Trial Balances. 
      • It is an integrated business accounting software that helps in recording and processing business accounting transactions within functional modules such as Inventory Management, production, sales, purchase order processing, etc. 
      • The BUSY software is one of the leading accounting softwares in India. It can be used by different types of businesses be it a large-scale or a small-scale business.
    4. SAP Module
      • The SAP Module is simulation-based. Here the candidates get to learn how to set up a Purchase and Sales Process, manage Vendor, Customer, Credit, Liquidity, Invoice, etc. SAP helps in doing diverse accounting tasks along with asset management in enterprises. It is mostly used for finance and accounting. It stores the financial data of an organization and records the financial transactions of all the movements of goods and services. It helps in developing solutions that maintain effective data and information flow across organizations. All the important SAP course topics will be covered in this module.

PGP- BAT Jobs by Salary in India

PGP-BAT Course salary in India

  • Nowadays, everyone needs someone to do their taxes correctly, and every organization needs professionals who can perform audits and file taxes on time without any error. 
  • PGP-BAT course in India offers a wide range of different job opportunities that a candidate can take. PGP-BAT Course salary in India, after completing the course, can be anywhere between 3-10lacs per annum depending on the designation and experience. 
  • Just like every other profession, skills need to be polished. In a profession like accounting which is globally growing, there is a lot of scope for candidates to upskill themselves and move ahead in their career.

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  • After the completion of the PGP-BAT course, the students are motivated and confident to apply for multiple roles in the field of business accounting and taxation. 
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