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Difference Between FRM Course and CFA® Course

FRM and CFA are two different courses of finance. Both of these courses have a lot of scope and are the highest level of certification in the field of finance. These courses are very different from each other as they cover separate topics. If you are searching for a good finance course, you should consider either of them depending on the area of your interest. The CFA course full form is Chartered Financial Analyst, and the FRM course full form is Financial Risk Manager. Both of these certifications are well respected and add prestige to your resume. Since both of these courses are very much in-demand, let us break down what they offer and the focus area for both of these courses in detail.

What is the FRM course?

  • The FRM course is a professional course that has more focus on the areas of finance and risk management. 
  • A Financial Risk Manager is a globally recognized professional certification for banking and finance professionals. 
  • FRM is a lucrative career option. 
  • FRM adds extra credits to a candidate’s resume and opens doors to new and better job opportunities for them. 
  • The FRM course is beneficial for candidates who want to develop and sharpen their analytical skills when it comes to managing risks.

What is the CFA course?

  • The CFA course is a professional post-graduate program. The title of a CFA is highly desired and is well respected in various sectors. 
  • To become a CFA, the candidate needs to clear all the levels. In the field of finance, the CFA course in India is gaining more popularity. 
  • This course is being pursued by a lot of students in India to up-skill themselves. The CFA course is provided by the United States CFA Institute
  • This course provides extensive knowledge about investments and financial analysis. 
  • The CFA course is a globally recognized course that escalates the candidate’s career and takes them a step closer to achieving their dream career in finance. 
  • This course is considered to be one of the most in demand certifications in the financial world.

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What Does the CFA Course Syllabus Cover?

  • The CFA course has three levels. The syllabus of all these levels depends on the 10 core topics that are covered in CFA. 
  • Topics such as analysis, estimating or forecasting the future performance of the company, portfolio management, etc are taught. 
  • The CFA course provides professional training in all of these fields, covering all the important aspects of finance. Since the syllabus is vast, with each passing level the difficulty level also rises.

What Does The FRM Course Syllabus Cover?

  • TheFRM course syllabus is divided into two parts. Part one of the FRM course syllabus covers four topics which are Foundations of Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Markets and Products, Valuation and Risk Models. 
  • The second part of the FRM course syllabus covers topics such as Market Risk Measurement and Management, Credit Risk Measurement and Management, Operational Risk and Resiliency, Liquidity and Treasury Risk Measurement and Management, Risk Management and Investment Management. 
  • There are only two parts in this course, and both need to be cleared to obtain the FRM designation.

If you compare the syllabus of the FRM course with theCFA course syllabus, you will get an idea of how it is different from each other. The area of focus for both the courses differ. The FRM course focuses more on risk management as it covers limited segments in finance, whereas the CFA course covers more topics like investment, portfolio management, financial analysis, etc. The FRM course syllabus is more specialized and limited to a particular niche in finance that is risk management. The CFA course syllabus has 10 core topics that are explained in detail. 

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Is FRM easier than CFA?

  • The difficulty level for both these courses varies as the syllabus is different. The difficulty level of each of these courses also depends on the focus and dedication of a candidate. 
  • If we were to see the difficulty level, syllabus wise CFA has a broader syllabus with three levels of exams. 
  • The FRM course syllabus is divided into only two parts, and it takes considerably less time to complete both of them. Even though FRM is said to be easier than CFA, it comes down to the preparation of the candidate and their area of interest. Be it the FRM course or the CFA course, both of them require training.

Best training institution for FRM course and CFA course

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