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Who Can Do the PGP-BAT (Business Accounting and Taxation) Course?

Let us also now have a look at the PGP-BAT course eligibility criteria?

  1. Any student who has completed graduation and is a complete fresher would benefit tremendously if enrolled for the PGP-BAT course. It helps to acquire skills related to the basics of accounting which includes GST, Tally, SAP, and other important topics which are required before entering the corporate world.
  2. It is also suitable for working professionals who have 0-2 years of work experience and want to gain more exposure to the accounting and taxation field.
  3. It would also be beneficial for all those who want to master and learn about the accounting tools that are a prerequisite before joining any industry.

You might have now got a thorough understanding of what the PGP-BAT course is all about and its eligibility criteria. Let us now understand the PGP-BAT course duration and what all topics does it cover under its syllabus.

PGP-BAT Course Duration and Syllabus:

  • The PGP-BAT course covers nine important modules, which are as follows:
    • Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally ERP 
    • Basics of GST and GST in Tally 
    • Direct Tax and application in Tally 
    • Payroll and its components 
    • Excel for accounting and MIS 
    • Finalization of financial statements 
    • BUSY software
    • SAP 
    • Soft Skills 
  • These are the important modules that would be covered under the PGP-BAT course. This would also help you bridge the skill gap and make you industry-ready after you complete your Post-Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation.
  • PGP-BAT Course: Career & Salary After BAT Course

  • With this information, let us now also have a quick look at the PGP-BAT course salary in India:
    • The starting salary that you can expect after completing the PGP-BAT course would be Rs 1.2 Lakhs per annum which can go up to Rs 10 Lakhs depending on your ability to crack the interview and the skill set acquired at the time of completing the PGP-BAT course.
    • The designations that you can acquire are Account Executive, Account Assistant, Senior Assistant, Accounts Manager, Senior Manager, and finally the DGM/GM.
    • This shows how easily you can climb up the corporate ladder by acquiring the PGP-BAT certification.

PGP-BAT course duration:

  • With proper dedication and focus, one can easily complete the entire certification within a minimum of 5 months, and after completion, it will provide the candidates with a perfect platform to work as a Tax Assistant, an Accounting Assistant, or even an Auditing Assistant.
  • Benefits of doing the PGP-BAT course: 
    • If you have made up your mind to pursue the PGP-BAT course, then these are the benefits that you could avail.
      • Easy entry into the domain of accounting and taxation
      • Practical knowledge of the industry that you would be entering 
      • Exposure to various accounting and finance jobs 
      • Better salary compared to freshers working for the clerical role 
      • Lastly, you can gain in-depth knowledge about business accounting and taxation 

Such skills add a lot of value and provide immense job opportunities in the field of accounting and taxation.

Importance of PGP-BAT Course:

  1. The number of job opportunities is growing tremendously for accountants and finance professionals in all sectors. 
  2. After completion of this course, it provides comparatively better job designation as compared to recent graduates without any professional certification.
  3. The best part is that it can be pursued by any graduate, be it from a commerce background or a non-commerce background.
  4. You can get in-depth knowledge about various accounting software’s, one of them being Tally ERP-9 which is one of the widely used software.
  5. You can also start freelancing as an accounting consultant.

To summarize, PGP-BAT is of great importance, and having a PGP-BAT certification can provide additional benefits and get you fully trained on topics like GST, SAP, and all other areas of accounting.

What are the Career Benefits of a PGP-BAT Course?

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about PGP-BAT Course

  1. Is an internship required before joining the PGP-BAT course?Ans: As such internship is not necessary. If you have prior work experience, then it adds further value to your resume, and it becomes much easier for you to learn the modules and understand the concepts.
  2. Are there any exemptions offered for those pursuing the PGP-BAT course?Ans: Unfortunately, there are no exemptions available for any candidates. 
  3. How long does it take to complete the PGP-BAT course?Ans: If you study with full dedication and focus, then it can be easily completed within 5 months. 
  4. Does PGP-BAT have scope in India?Ans: PGP-BAT course is a short-term course, which can be done immediately after graduation without having prior work experience. It has a lot of scope in India, specially for those who are fresh graduates and for working professionals who want to learn more about the accounting and taxation software.
  5. Why is the PGP-BAT course so important?Ans: PGP-BAT course is of great importance as it helps the candidates acquire skills that are industry-relevant and makes them job-ready.

All the candidates wanting to switch from a clerical role to a strategic role are recommended to do this course which is a post-graduation program in the field of business accounting and taxation. The best part is, it is a short-term course and can be completed within 5 months, and with this, you are all set to enter the corporate world.