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When it comes to majoring in special subjects or choosing dignified career fields, candidates often find themselvesat crossroads where they must choose between traditional classroomsor stay indoors and indulge in self-help. Although, online courses and self-studying practices are highly advocated for their convenience and time-saving aspects, classroom training in ACCA courseis often recommended by experts in order to have hands-on experience, along with having theoreticalknow-how. Below are the top 5 reasons to take up classroom training as opposed to online courses or self-studying practice.

1) Let there be light:

As compared to classroom training, the odds of feeling isolated, frustrated and confused are more when a student is involved in self-study or does online finance courses. Less self-direction, inactive environment and seclusion will only lead to non-completion of the course.

2) Offers you something beyond books:

You will probably miss the communicative interactions that could happen in a classroom between you and teachers. In a classroom, you have all the freedom to ask a question, share your opinion or to some extent show your disagreement. In the course of conversing, discussing and debating, you will be all set to clear more doubts and learn new skills in the accounting courses. Even if you are involved in debates virtually, the interaction won’t be as interactive.

3) Something that money can’t buy:

In the confines of your home, you will find fewer opportunities to come across like-minded people; find a helping hand or join them in extra-curricular activities. The more you mix up with people, the more you will find the motivation to study.

4) Let’s you get hands-on experience:

In classroom training, you will be exposed to more group-involvement, team building and problem-solving activities, which is not in the case of online courses or self-studying. It all zeroes down to experience, because, it is all that matters! No?

5) Helps you stay focused:

No matter how much you stop yourself from avoiding phones or keeping away with other distractions, you will always end up spending more time indulging in unwanted activities rather than studying.Classroom training is more disciplined and will help you to stay focused throughout the course, irrespective of the distractions.

EduPristine endeavors to give thorough classroom sessions from industry practitioners to its students. It is renowned as an institution that has been providing courses on diverse subjects. The flexibility of teaching and customized guidance that the institute provides has proved to have outshined others in India and worldwide.