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Caution: This is for everyone hit by the ‘MBA bug’ and is too eager to enroll thinking to carve a great future out of it. The Following blog might surprise you!

While scanning through the net, we just stumbled upon blog spots like ‘Jobless MBAs’ and ‘the unemployed MBAs,’ which literally made us wonder whether this ever-hyped master’s degree is losing its charm, which compelled us look further into the matter. Rest is the reasons why MBA Finance will not help you land in your dream finance job.

Promises that went haywire:

Every other Business school are making nonviable promises like 100% placement guarantee, International tours, free laptops, and it is no surprise that MBA aspirants are actually influenced and ensnared by such false hopes. If you, too, think an MBA degree is fancy to have, that it would do anything useful apart from filling space on your resume, or would fetch you with global exposure, then, think again. They are just promises, and nothing more than that!

A fact that will compel you to think twice:

According to, the average salary given to MBA students during placement in over 40% business schools was about 3 lakhs a year. Only 1% out of 4,500 management institutes actually offers 9 lakhs, which is below par. Most of these business schools fail to guarantee a proper job. Not only that, this field of education has often been criticized for failure in return on investment to students and providing practical education.

Jack of all trades, master of none:

MBA qualification fails to emphasize on skill-development and oversees the importance of practical understanding because the course stresses too much on academic or theoretical knowledge. Students who are fed upon a diet of hypothetical studies end up fairing badly in the face of real-time challenges at the workplace

Working for peanuts?

A large number of MBA pass-outs clinch on the middle management level, while in worst-case scenarios, some degree holders have to settle for the lower management level. Only the best MBA students that are hailing from top-notch business schools land in jobs with high salaries, while the rest MBA pass-outs have to make do with mediocre roles like a sales job.

The Good News:

However, you can now breathe a sigh of relief as new and better specialized programs have sprung up to not become a substitute to the MBA degree, but also seem to replace its dominance. PGCFR students are induced with quality education beyond what books won’t teach that would help them to bag their dream job.

PGCFR has been launched to address the demand for a finance course that makes the students’ job ready. The PGCFR Certificate Program is one step ahead of MBA finance. It teaches you Advance Financial Modeling which gives you practical finance knowledge. Hence, someone who holds a PGCFR has an advantage from someone who is an ordinary MBA Finance. PGCFR can also be through online certificate course.

Below are some unique and noteworthy differences that both the courses have.

Parameters PGCFR MBA from other institutes
Duration 7 MONTHS 2 Years
Curriculum Covers 100% syllabus of International CFA level I exam, Financial modeling, Valuation case studies, Equity research report writing, Credit Research, Investment Banking- IPO pitching, M&A, Project Finance, Real Estate Deal Structuring, Derivatives Valuation, Macros and VBA etc Generalized (HR, Marketing, Finance, Accountancy)
Fees Rs1.25 lakhs Rs 5 – 7 lakhs
Salary Package Rs 3 – 6 lakhs Rs 2 – 5 lakhs
Profile Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Financial Modeling Analyst, Derivative Analyst, Investment Associate, Credit Analyst, Business Research, Investment Banking Analyst Management Trainee/ Associate in Sales or operations
Industry Acceptance Candidates placed over 75+ finance companies General Acceptance