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Dear FRM Candidate, hope your preparation so far has been smooth! With D-Day just around the corner, many students tend to start cramming just about now!

That’s why we thought we would extend a helping hand. We at EduPristine have demystified a few tough topics through our new series "Xcel FRM Series".

This series would be especially helpful if you:

  • Learn Better Hands-On
  • Are trying to get through tough topics quickly
  • Wonder how the concepts taught in FRM are applicable in real life
  • Want to learn a thing or two in MS Excel.

The Xcel FRM Series is a 3 day series where you will receive MS Excel Sheets absolutely FREE!

Today, let’s focus on the areas of Foundations of Risk Management and Quantitative Analysis. We have included 4 Workbooks that cover the following topics:

  • Effect of Correlation on Portfolio Risk and Return – using form control: Here, you will learn visually how correlation impacts the performance of a two asset portfolio. Check out how the shape of the portfolio possibilities curve is formed. After the exam, you can learn how to use form controls.
  • Efficient Frontier>: You can see how the efficient frontier is actually constructed. After the exam, learn how the array function "MMULT" is used.
  • Regression Analysis: Find the Beta of a stock by regressing the Stock return’s against a benchmark’s. See how regression analysis is performed using the OLS tool in Excel.
  • Two Asset Correlation: Learn how to calculate correlation using a Step by Step Approach.

Feel free to share these sheets with your friends!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Financial Markets and Products. 
Till then, happy studying!