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Youtube had been a dominant free video hosting website till date. However, Facebook’s inclusion of videos in its news feeds has shaken up things for Youtube in recent months. It is not a surprise that Facebook pages posting Facebook videos have exceeded than the pages posting Youtube videos. In the past few months Facebook has started streaming autoplay videos in news feeds. Facebook further went a step ahead in streaming premium autoplay video Ads. This has sidelined Youtube’s video market on Facebook thus taking the lead in video hosting.

Facebook vs Youtube present scenario

Videos uploaded directly on Facebook by users are attracting more viewers taking the number of views to Facebook videos to one billion times per day. Even the share of natively uploaded videos on Facebook rose by almost 80% compared to other video interactions taking place on other Social Media sites. Content Marketers nowadays are surprisingly posting more native Facebook videos than Youtube videos on their pages. Facebook Marketing with video hosting is perfect for Marketers as it enables them to combine a video and the content to market their businesses with a better face than that of Youtube. In June 2014, Facebook upgraded its news feed algorithm that helped users to view more relevant videos on Facebook. This in turn has helped Facebook in gaining more desktop views than Youtube.

Data as on September 2013

Data as on September 2014


We had recently done an analysis of the Social Media Marketing Strategy of a new Bollywood movie.

The analysis showed that the promotional video of the movie on Youtube earned 3500+ views, less than 25 shares and 2 comments whereas the same video on Facebook earned 350,000 views, 5000+ shares and 500+ comments

This tweet gives us a message that people actually prefer Facebook videos even to promote their Youtube accounts. No matter on which site the videos are but the ultimate destination to view and promote videos is Facebook.

New features added by Facebook

Facebook in competition has added some features similar to that of Youtube on its platform.

For many years now, Youtube users were able to see how many times a video has been viewed by other users. Facebook also introduced this feature where Facebook users can see how many views a certain video has received. These view counts have helped people in coming across new and popular videos on Facebook.

Another feature which Facebook has put on its mobile service is displaying related videos once a user has finished watching a video. This has helped people to know and watch more of the content they intend to search and watch.

Facebook also plans to make videos embeddable which are hosted on the site. It will make these videos easy to embed on other third party sites.


The above chart clearly shows the declining trend of Youtube interactions on video posts where Facebook interactions showed a rising graph. This clearly shows how Facebook is taking over Youtube in terms of video post interactions.

What do you think? How will the rising popularity of Facebook’s video affect Youtube?

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