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This Free CFA® Course given you an idea of all the topics in the CFA® Exam.It consists of 10 videos covering key concepts and highly probable questions. In these viseos you would also learn Tips an Trickes on how to crack the exam


Sign up is very easy and simple. This 10-day Free CFA® Course is structured is that every day you will receive a link to a new video on one particular topic in CFA® Program.


Watch the complete videos. Ask questions or get in touchwith us in case of any doubts.


DAY 1: Ethical and Professional Standards: A Glimpse into the ethical practices involved in the investment profession ( watch video)

DAY 2: Quantative Methods: Learn about the Types of Measurement Scales

DAY 3: Economics: Get an insight on labor markets and unemploymet rates

DAY 4: Financial Reporting and Analysis: Learn how stock Options affect profirabiltiy - Computing the Dilted EPS

DAY 5: Corporate Finance: Learn how Corporates make their capital budgeting decisions

DAY 6: Portfolio Management: Get an insight into the Minds Of Money Managers - Risk & Return

DAY 7: Equity Investment: Understand the concepts of Lever

DAY 8: Fixed Income: Demystifing the concepts involved in Bond Valution

DAY 9: Derivatives: Learn about the factors that effect Pricing the Options

DAY 10: Alternative Investments: Understand how Real Estate Properties are priced

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