CFA® Program iPhone App by EduPristine

Level I CFA Classroom Trainings for CFA Course

Enhance your CFA Program preps on the go with EduPristine's CFA Program iPhone App. The application contains two full length Level I CFA Mock Tests* with solutions at your finger tips, any-time and any-where.



You can download the Sample version which has a series of 20 questions from here.


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The CFA Program iPhone App has been powered by the good folks at iPragmatech.

iPragmatech Solutions acts as the technology partner for several startups and small-medium businesses, creating bleeding-edge applications for mobile and enterprise platforms. iPragmatech specialists on Android, iPhone, PHP (SocialEngine, WordPress, vBulletin), Ruby on Rails, as well as Java, help you conceptualize, design and implement scalable and maintainable solutions. By developing easily customizable frameworks like the iQuiz framework, iPragmatech helps you achieve quicker time to market.

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