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Advanced Valuation Techniques

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Advanced Valuation Course would help its participants effectively apply valuation techniques in a wide range of practical scenarios. By prudently coordinating practical exercises with Excel models, video presentations and interactive instruction, this course provides a premier self-study experience. The salient features of the program are building a comprehensive understanding of valuation. Apart from the comprehensive theoretical aspects, this course will sharpen the expertise and excellence of participants through multiple case studies. This dynamic self-study course provides real hands-on experience in today's most widely used corporate valuation methods and their analyses.

  • Video Recordings

    Easy to follow byte sized video tutorials of over 450 minutes created by topic experts. Learn the concepts at your own pace.

  • Excel Workbooks

    Create Financial models following a step-by-step approach devised by professionals. These workbooks have been specially designed to ensure you incorporate best industry practices of financial modeling.

  • Unlimited Download Access

    Download the whole material anytime during your 1 year subscription and use it for any future reference.

  • Certificate of Excellence

    A reference to get ahead in your career. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. You can also earn the Certificate of Excellence upon completing our course assignment (Please get in touch with our sales representative for more details).

Course Structure

  • Why do we value companies?
  • Value Drivers and Cash Flow Modeling
  • The Key Building Blocks of Valuation
  • Performing Historical Analysis
  • Analysing financial statements
  • Identifying and calculating value drivers
  • Cost of Capital
  • Where do we find our inputs to calculate cost of capital?
  • How do we account for tax shields from debt?
  • Forecasting and continuing value
  • Linking cash flow to underlying value drivers
  • Evaluating a Company's Strategic Position
  • Developing continuing value assumptions
  • Ensuring the overall reasonableness of the results
  • Common mistakes committed by analysts
  • Enterprise multiples versus equity multiples
  • P/E multiples and other short-cut valuation techniques
  • Valuation in Emerging Markets
  • Valuation of Private Companies

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Benefits WHY?

  • This program will help you to:
  • Understand and boost your knowledge of valuation theory and potential application.
  • Improve your understanding of the valuation concepts applied everyday.
  • Learn the financial theory behind estimating value..


Job well done!! The engagement with the EduPristine rep was favourable. The trainer, was knowledgeable. I like the fact that he has hands-on experience rather than just theory based.

Syahida Ismail Manager, Corporate Intelligence

Who should do this? TARGET

The participants are expected to have the basic understanding of the following topics:Familiarity with Excel Environment, functions and tools. Exposure to basic financial modeling. Understanding of the Accounting concepts such as: Financial Statements - P&L; Statement, Balance sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. Projecting Financial Statements in future Basic Knowledge of Valuation, Project Finance, Returns concepts


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