Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services

(In Partnership with Northeastern University, Boston, US)

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services course empowers you to be part of the AI revolution. The course addresses the application of AI technology in the Financial Services industry and does not require any prior knowledge of AI or any technical background. Northeastern University, Boston, US is a thought leader in Artificial Intelligence and provides vital learning to the individuals to achieve their strategic business understanding of this emerging technology which can help your career growth.

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  • 100% online and self-paced lessons
  • Videos by industry experts for all 4 modules 
  • 08-10 hours of coursework
  • 58 question summative final exam
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Why is the Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services
course important for your employees?

  • The Financial Services sector has been a leader in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence technology, and to succeed in this critical and fast growing Industry, it is important for you to be ahead of the curve

  • AI helps in fraud detection, improves accuracy in assessing customer credit rating, personal budgeting, and algorithmic stock trading through automated data analysis

  • Application of AI in KYC and Anti Money Laundering compliance in the Banking Industry has led to savings of over $217 Billion

Be Future ready with the
Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services course

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of every Industry and the Financial Services industry is leading the adoption of this technology. The time is not far when almost every business process and operation would be AI driven. Hence it becomes extremely important to ensure that your employees fully understand what this technology means and how to deploy it for remaining competitive in a changing Industry landscape.

The Artificial Intelligence course is designed by Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Northeastern University is based in Boston, United States and is a leading thought leader in Artificial Intelligence.

The course focuses on the business problems AI can solve, and how cross-functional teams can collaborate to implement AI solutions. Get trained by world class expert practitioners in Finance and Technology, who are on the leading edge of AI technology and its use in the Financial Services industry.

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Program Highlights

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services Course

Build a shared vocabulary around AI

Discuss the type of AI solutions appropriate to solve different business problems in the financial services industry

Ask informed questions of AI solution vendors serving the financial services industry

Evaluate ongoing business processes that could benefit from an AI solution

Differentiate the roles of the data scientist, technologist, and business process owner in implementing AI solutions

Assess the organization’s readiness for AI solutions, and comparing the requirements of AI against current data and technology availability

Consider the challenges associated with implementing AI in the business,including the challenges of piloting AI solutions

Identify champions for the use of AI solutions, who understand the business mindset of solving problems using AI

Develop skills to create a business case and tactical plans for the implementation for AI solutions

Course Curriculum

Assessing Your Organization’s AI Readiness »

Becoming an AI Champion »

Who should do Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services?

The Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services course is best suited for business professionals who work in the Financial Services space. You could be:

  • A decision maker or a Manager who makes recommendations or gives proposals on the application of technology to improve business processes

  • An individual who identifies a business problem, communicates with the vendor for technology requirements, and is able to choose the right AI tools to solve a business problem

  • An Individual who determines if a solution is appropriate for the business and partners with technologists to implement it

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services Certificate

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services Certificate

In Partnership with Northeastern University, Boston, US

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