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EduPristine's Digital Marketing Course is an intensive 150+ hours program, having practical and experiential learning, covering 35 modules taught by the best of the industry trainers. The program provides hands-on exposure to 40+ Industry Must-Know tools.

35 Modules | 100+ Hours Classroom Training | 40+ Advance Tools | 15+ Certificates | ACE | 50+ Hours Digital Library | Placement Assistance

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20 L Jobs by 2020: Demand is high but there is a huge skill-gap

Digital marketing is in huge demand however, it is yet to become a mainstream subject for students at the graduate and postgraduate level. This has led to a huge gap of skilled experts who can be job-ready from day one. This also means, if you enter the digital marketing now, you will be in the demand spotlight. EduPristine has come up with the solution for you and has built its program to give you end-to-end career support, right from skill-based training to Placement assistance. We prepare you to be job-ready from day one.

5 in 1 course that helps you bridge the skill gap and prepares you to be job ready

Digital Marketing Training

Practical and experiential Digital Marketing training makes you subject matter expert and a confident marketer.

Soft Skill Training

Soft skills training helps you to improve your presentation skills, public speaking skills, resume writing skills, and interview skills.

Market Ready

Career Services team shares your profile with recruiters, helps you prepare for the interview and schedule interviews for jobs and internships.

After Course Engagement

After Course Engagement (ACE) supports your continuous learning through special sessions, case studies and student discussion forum.

Digital Library

Digital Library is a collection of advanced video lessons which help you deep dive in the marketing world thereby supporting continuous learning.

Our Training Methodology

Our learners can expect an eclectic mix of case studies, digital marketing tools, and the hallmark methodology of learning through a live website. Pioneered by EduPristine, hands-on practice through a live website, ad budget, and simulations is the best way to learn digital marketing. This methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to apply concepts in the class.

What EduPristine is known for

EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a global education provider headquartered in the United States. Adtalem is a $1.2 billion (INR 7560 crores) company that has nine institutions and companies with more than 16,000 employees spread across 145 locations. Adtalem takes pride in training 142,000 degree-seeking students all over the world. The organization's purpose is to empower students to achieve their goals, find success and make inspiring contributions to our global community. EduPristine is one of India's leading training providers in Analytics, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing. Founded in 2008, EduPristine has a strong online platform and network of classrooms across India and caters to self-paced learning and online learning, in addition to classroom learning.

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After Course Engagement (ACE)

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Live Virtual Training

Live On-boarding Session

90 hrs Instructor lead Online Training

15 hrs Soft Skill Training

Self-paced Learning Content

Case Study for Real-Life Practice

1 Domain Name

1 Business Email Account

Assured 6 Months Web Hosting

1 Live Website Deployment

Prepare for International Certifications

24*7 LMS access with a 1-year validity

Experienced and Passionate Trainers

Dedicated Discussion Forums

After Course Engagement (ACE)

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Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Search Engine Optimization: Session 1 »

Search Engine Optimization: Session 2 »

Mobile Marketing and Optimization »

SEM - PPC Marketing: Session 1 »

SEM - PPC Marketing: Session 2 »

SEM - PPC Marketing: Session 3 »

Social Media Marketing: Session 1 »

Social Media Marketing: Session 2 »

Social Media Marketing: Session 3 »

Email Marketing »

Marketing Automation »

Affiliate Marketing »

Funnel Marketing and Growth Hacking: Session 1 »

Funnel Marketing and Growth Hacking: Session 2 »

Web Analytics »

Content Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) »

Soft Skill Training »

Exclusive Digital Library Access

  • Setting up Chatbots on Facebook Messenger

  • Adding the intelligence using Mobile Monkey

  • Adding a Bot on FB page and website

  • Validating & checking automated responses

  • Business benefits of this cutting-edge technology

  • What is Media Planning and Buying?

  • Steps involved in Media Buying

  • Research involved in the process

  • The eco-system & terminologies

  • Plan & create the budget for Media Buying

  • Principles of Influencer Marketing

  • Types of Influencers - Macro, Micro, and Customer

  • How to find Influencers?

  • Influencer outreach and its tools

  • Influencer Marketing Budget & KPIs

  • Setup & installation of GTM

  • Tags & triggers in GTM

  • Adding variables & data layers

  • Creating workflows & event tracking

  • Custom dimensions & metrics

  • Designing workflow to create a highly engaging FB
    business page

  • Optimization strategies to reach the ideal

  • Identifying the types of FB content that the
    audience responds to

  • Techniques to attract and retain fans

  • Creating your YouTube & AdSense account

  • Channel Basics, Analytics, & CTRs

  • Strategies of making engaging videos &
    viral content

  • Importance of SEO, title & a good description

  • Monetization - making money through videos

  • What is Monetization?

  • Setting up Google AdSense account

  • Creating ad unit & integrating codes on the website

  • Allowing or blocking unwanted ads

  • Tracking performance reports

  • Setting up the account & managing user settings

  • Creating & editing campaigns & automating

  • Remarketing & experiments with ad copy

  • Automating bidding strategies

  • Measuring bid strategy performance

  • Using Canvas

  • Using Photoshop

  • Best practices of creating a personal LinkedIn

  • Optimization of LinkedIn profile

40+ Must Know Digital Marketing Tools that You will Learn in Class

Digital Marketing tools

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