Excel for Projects Managers

Excel for Projects Managers

Excel for Projects Managers program will help project managers and business analysts save a substantial amount of time in their project management activities, learn better solutions to their existing problems and help them plan more effectively.

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Excel for project managers course is divided in three main modules, Planning & Budgeting, Tracking and Reporting. It will systematically teach you how to tackle the different problems involved in project management with the help of real life case studies.Read more


  • Highly required for Project Managers across the world involved in Planning, Estimation, Budgeting, Tracking and Reporting
  • Learn systematically to forecast time and cost to complete a project
  • Start from the basics of finance and learn different measures that help project managers understand when a project would become profitable
  • Learn how to create effective Dashboards which will eventually help you track your project on real time
  • Learn how to implement scenario analysis
  • Will understand and create models based on Earned Value Management
  • You will learn how to effectively implement planning, tracking and reporting
  • Learn Advanced concepts like Monte Carlo Simulation
  • You can learn at your own convenience by asynchronous training.
  • Online Recording

    Video lessons with time duration of about 20 hours

  • Comprehensive study notes

    You can browse through these notes while viewing the videos as per your convenience.

  • Online Materials

    Access to online materials in the form of presentation (view option & download option)

  • 24x7 Online Access

    24x7 Online Access* to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc.)

Course Structure

Estimating IT Services Projects

Planning for a Project using Excel

Budgeting and forecasting

Estimating Break Even Point

Keeping Track of Resources

Monitoring Risk

Risk Analysis & Mitigation

Keeping Track of Project Budget and Actual expenses

Tracking Changes to Project Scope

Project Scope Burndown

Time Lines

Critical Path Analysis

Creating Sales target and analyzing performance

Commercial Analysis of a Project

Project Status Dashboards & Status Reporting

Risk Return Analysis

Earned Value Management

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Benefits WHY?

  • The course will enable you to:

  • Provides a solid understanding of statistical concepts required for Risk Management jobs

  • It is a prerequisite for Operational Risk jobs in the Risk Management field

  • Gives you excellent skills that help you advance your career in the Operational Risk field

  • Covers concepts such as Distribution Fitting (MLE, MME etc.)

  • It includes a detailed analysis of capital implications of Modeling decisions

  • It has a comprehensive coverage of operational risk of Basel-II implementation

Average Salary for Course Experts

The average salary for Excel Project Managers is $84K.


EduPristine is a great place to start your finance career. It has a good faculty and after completing your course they also provide great placement assistance.I sincerely thanks EduPristine for this and looking forward for continuing my relations with them.

Deepesh Jain

Who should do this? TARGET

  • This course is aimed at Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Leads and people aiming for various project management roles.

  • This course also helps project sponsors, people working in reporting & financial analysis of projects.

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