Financial Modeling Blended

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Unlike most of the other businesses, all finance professionals have to continuously work with large amount of numbers. Almost everyone uses MS Excel to create financial models to analyse and project financial statements. A mastery over financial modeling will give all the professionals an edge over others as they can do their work faster and with more accuracy.

Topics Covered
Day 1
Understanding Integrated Financial Models
Scenario Analysis
Excel Efficiency Shortcuts and formulae
Cash and Interest Revolver
Building Historical Financial Statements
Debt & Interest Schedule

Day 2
Projecting Financial Statements
Valuation DCF and Comps
Contribution Analysis
Accretion and Dilution
Modeling other Accounting concepts
Ratio Analysis
Download Sample Model iGate-Patni
Course Highlights
Live Webinar
14 days Online Lectures with Recordings for all the topics.
Comprehensive study notes
You can browse through these notes while viewing the videos as per your convenience.
EduPristine & BSE brings Financial Modeling Join Certificate Program
24x7 Online Access
24x7 Online Access* to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc.)
Case Study
Hands-on Case Study (Real Life) based learning
I found the Financial Modeling course offered by Edupristine as knowledge enriching. Course content and lectures were good and helped in understanding complex financial models and improved efficiency at work.
I appreciate largely to the content part which covers practical aspects of modeling which we used on day to day base. We worked on R software expressively. We also touch on SPSS, Ms- Excel software. Edupristine done great job in combing the entire course..
Who is the target audience?
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