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Fixed Income Analysis

Fixed Income Analysis program is designed and developed by Fixed Income Market experts. This customized offering will help students and professionals master the nitty-gritty of fixed income markets in the real world.

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Fixed Income Analysis program is focused on the global perspective of Fixed Income Trading and Portfolio Management. This course provides hands on case studies based on real world fixed income models etched with well-defined learning objectives and covers advanced concepts such as Mortgage Backed and Asset Backed Securities Modelling. I also include Excel integration with Bloomberg, empowers fixed income professionals and aspirants with competitive edge in career and job interviews respectively.Read more


Our interaction with top-notch Fixed-Income Fund Managers and Senior Fixed-Income Analysts around the globe has led us to a couple of pertinent discoveries. While they unanimously consider a formal finance or MBA degree as an adequate qualification for a career in Capital Markets, they also feel that it falls short of covering the complete know-how in the theoretical and practical spheres. Secondly, they regard Excel to be a critically important tool towards becoming effective team members in Fixed Income Trading and Portfolio Management, a tool that needs to be mastered as early as possible.

  • Online Recordings

    Video lessons from the industry experts

  • Valuation of MBS

    This will be provided in platinum package

  • Case Study

    Hands-on Case Study (Real Life) based learning

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    Certificate of Participation for all candidates

Course Structure

  • Covers the very basics: why debt is issued?
  • Various Coupon Structures and other variants in bonds
  • Fixed Income Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Fundamentals of bond valuation
  • Pricing of bonds with different coupon structures
  • Implications of bonds with callable bonds
  • Benefits of investing in putable bonds
  • Characteristics of Treasury Securities
  • Characteristics of other bond issuing entities
  • Understand why and how securitization is done
  • Understand the roles of the Originator, Rating Agencies, Trustees, Servicer, Arranger in Securitization

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Benefits WHY?

  • The course comprises email-based downloadable video lessons, exhaustive reference material in the form of presentations, excel and word documents on all aspects of Project Management and detailed workbook and homework exercises.


The Training manual should be more elaborate. Training subject and content is excellent. The Trainer was good.

Md. Zafar Sadiq Manager, Network Market Planning at Robi Axiata Limited

EduPristine is a great place to start your finance career. It has a good faculty and after completing your course they also provide great placement assistance.I sincerely thanks EduPristine for this and looking forward for continuing my relations with them.

Deepesh Jain

Who should do this? TARGET

Fixed Income Analysis course is aimed at fresh graduates who are desirous of making a career in the Fixed Income Market to help them crack job interview with conviction and flair. It is also useful for those professionals who have recently taken on a role in Fixed Income and looking for a specialized course to effectively and quickly bring them at par with the rest of the fixed income team. The course will also prove beneficial for Fixed Income traders seeking a broader understanding of other fixed income instruments & their valuation.

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