Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation

The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) is an experiential and practical learning course, conceptualized to help students become an industry-ready accounting professional. The modules of the program are structured, designed and curated by industry experts having years of experience in the domains of accounting and taxation. Our Career Services team will support the students acquire the right soft skills and prepare them for job interviews.

9 Modules | 14 Projects | 4 Software | 6 Certificates | 100% Job Assistance

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    PGP-BAT: Program Highlights

    Module – 1

    Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Licensed version of
    • Basics of Accounting
    • Accounting in Licensed version of TallyPrime

    Module – 2

    Basics of GST & GST in Licensed version of TallyPrime
    • Basics of GST
    • GST in Licensed version of TallyPrime —————————

    Module – 3

    Basics of Income Tax & Income Tax in Licensed version of
    • Basics of Income Tax
    • Income Tax in Licensed version of TallyPrime

    Module – 4

    Payroll and its components —————
    • Basics of Payroll
    • Payroll in Licensed version of TallyPrime and Excel

    Module – 5

    Excel for Accounting & MIS
    • Excel and MIS Reporting
    • MS Excel for Accountants —— —– — ———– ———– —-

    Module – 6

    Finalisation of Financial Statements
    • Format of Financials
    • Financials on Excel ———- ———– ———- ———- —–

    Module – 7

    BUSY Practicals
    • Setting up of Busy Software
    • Extraction of GST reports —— —– — ———– ———– —-

    Module – 8

    • Purchase & Sales process
    • Practical Simulations —— —– — ———– ———– —-

    Module – 9

    Soft Skills
    • Effective Business Communication
    • Interpersonal Communication —— —– — ———– ———– —-

    Accounting is a high growth industry and is a part of every company, across all industries. A conventional graduation degree does not cover the accounting subjects in-depth, and with increasing competition, candidates are expected to be well versed with the Industry methodology and essential accounting tools. The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation course is designed keeping these parameters in mind and the students are trained on industry-specific skills making them job-ready.

    Students who have just graduated and want to learn in-demand skills and tools in Accounting

    Individuals with 0-2 years of experience who want to upskill and shift to an office-based high profile job

    Individuals who want to master the most important accounting tools that are a prerequisite in the industry

    It is a 200 hours program.

    The course is especially beneficial for freshers and any candidate with a Commerce background is eligible for the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation.

    Applicants can apply for the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation either offline or by visiting the official website. All the important information pertaining to the date for admission, and other such details will be notified through email or listed on the official website. The minimum eligibility criteria is a Graduation degree in B.Com, BBI, or BAF. There is no entrance examination conducted for the program.

    PGP-BAT Syllabus Structure

    Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Licensed version of TallyPrime ERP
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Types of business organisation allowed in India
      2. Need and importance of accounting for business
      3. Important terms used in real life accounting
      4. Journalize any business transaction ( i.e Debit v/s credit )
      5. Examples covering almost all real life business transactions
      6. Flow of transactions in business
      7. Discussion on financial statements & its components
      8. Overview of accounting standards
    2. Practical Implementation – Project 1

      1. Overview of Licensed version of TallyPrime & its functionalities
      2. Setting up Licensed version of TallyPrime using business case studies
      3. Record all business transactions
      4. Record accruals & adjustments
      5. Walkthrough of financial statements & reports
      6. Learn alternative ways to access accounts
    Basics of GST & GST in Licensed version of TallyPrime
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Meaning, structure & broad concept of GST
      2. Registration under GST regular v/s composition
      3. Place, time & value of supply ( GST rules )
      4. Types & rates of GST
      5. Invoicing under GST
      6. GST input Tax credit rules
      7. Payment of Tax, interest, late fee & penalties under GST
      8. GST working with reconcilation
      9. Surrender, cancellation & revocation of GST registration
      10. Receiving & replying to GST notices
      11. Important provisions of GST law (E-way bill, refund)
    2. Practical Implementation – Project 2

      1. Setting-up Licensed version of TallyPrime for GST
      2. Record & create GST invoices for business transactions
      3. Generate GST reports
      4. Record accounting adjustments
      5. GST return preparation & filing
    Direct Tax & Application in Licensed version of TallyPrime
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Introduction about Income Tax & basic terms
      2. Residential status of assessee
      3. Income Tax slabs for various Taxpayers (including new Tax system)
      4. Types of Taxable Income (salary, house property, business or profession, capital gains & other income )
      5. Incomes exempt from Tax
      6. Deductions under chapter VI-A
      7. Modes of payment of Tax – advance, self assessment & TDS
      8. TDS – rates, payment, return, interest & penalties
      9. Overview of TCS & Income Tax assessment
      10. FDR interest from customer and bank perspective with TDS impact
      11. Taxation world over
      12. Walkthrough of income Tax e-filing website
    2. Practical Implementation – Project 3

      1. Setting-up Licensed version of TallyPrime for Income Tax, TDS & TCS
      2. Record Income Tax related transactions
      3. Generate ledgers & TDS reports
      4. Showing payment of taxes
      5. Recording adjustments for Tax accounts
      6. Computation of Tax liability
      7. Return preparation & filing – Company & Partnership
      8. Return preparation & filing for TDS
    Payroll and its Components
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Understanding of payroll components
      2. Roles of HR, admin & payroll departments
      3. Walkthrough of payroll cycle
      4. Understanding statutory deductions – PF, ESI & PT
    2. Practical Implementation – Project 4

      1. Setting-up Licensed version of TallyPrime for payroll
      2. Computation of payout numbers
    Excel for Accounting & MIS
    1. Practical Implementation – Project 5

      1. Importance of MS Excel for Accountants
      2. Application of commonly used excel formulas & short cuts (sum, sumif, index, match, vlookup, hlookup, data sorting, filters, transpose, iferror, pivot table)
      3. Create charts & graphs in MS excel
      4. Creating pivot tables & charts
      5. Creating Aging reports & MIS reports
    Finalization of Financial Statements
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Format of balance sheet & P&L statement as per companies act
      2. Format of cash flow statement as per AS-3
      3. Understand ratio analysis
    2. Practical Implementation – Project 6

      1. Preparation of balance sheet & P&L statement using excel
      2. Preparation of cash flow statement using excel
      3. Calculating important ratios using excel
    BUSY Software
    1. Practical Implementation – Project 7

      1. Setting up of Busy Software
      2. Creation of ledgers
      3. Creation of inventory items
      4. Posting transaction – sales, purchase, receipt, advance receipt & payments
      5. Extraction of GST reports
      6. Extraction of trial balance
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Understanding SAP and it usages
      2. Accounts payable & account receivable
    2. Practical Implementation – Assignments on SAP Software

      1. Setting up purchase & Sales process
      2. Vendor & customer management
      3. Cash & credit management
      4. Liquidity management
      5. Delivery & invoice management
    Soft Skills
    1. Conceptual Understanding

      1. Effective business communication
      2. Interpersonal communication
      3. Email & virtual communication
    2. Practical Implementation

      1. Presentation boot camp
      2. Resume writing workshop
      3. Interview workshop

    * Interview Question, Knowledge Test and 7 Homework Projects are included in the relevant modules.

    GST – The New Tax System will Create Demand for About 1.3 Lac Professionals in India

    With the advent of GST and other regulatory and compliance requirements, the demand for accounting and taxation professionals is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on software and trained resources to meet their technical job requirements. The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation gives you hands-on exposure to widely used GST compliant software, web portals, utility files and reports to help you grow and succeed in your accounting and taxation career.

    Here is how we bridge the skill gap and prepare you to be job ready

    1 Experiential & Practical Training


    • Dedicated computer lab
    • Industry relevant content
    • Case-studies based learning
    • Project-based practical training
    • Training by industry experts
    • Work on Licensed version of TallyPrime, SAP, MS Excel & Busy software
    • Prepare for 6 top accounting certifications
    • Dedicated discussion forums

    2 Soft Skill Training

    • Effective business communication
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Email and virtual communication
    • Presentation boot camp
    • Interview preparation workshop

    Job Ready


    • Frequent job updates
    • Customized career guidance
    • Resume preparation assistance
    • Career services & placement assistance

    Our Training Methodology

    The lectures for each module are divided into conceptual understanding and practical implementation. Conceptual understanding focuses on the theoretical aspect of the course curriculum for which faculty led LIVE online training will be conducted. These LIVE online training sessions are the pre-requisite for attending the lab based physical classroom training, which will cover the practical application of the concepts. Therefore, the hands-on experiential classroom training will focus on the real life scenario based projects, case studies using accounting software and other tools used in Industry.

    This unique teaching methodology lets students experience real life challenges and situations, getting them to apply the concepts learnt in the class, and preparing them for actual work situations. After successful completion of the program, students will be confident to apply for multiple roles in the field of Accounting and Taxation.

    With a deep intent to ensure what our students learn is complete and comprehensive, only at EduPristine, we use the fully featured version of the TallyPrime software. Other training institutions do not teach Tally or may use a version of Tally that is unlicensed or the one that comes with limited features. It is crucial to understand that what we learn is directly applicable to us in real life, and isn’t it also about being prepared for the big world of employment awaiting us?

    Just imagine learning how to drive a car on a simulator and being made to sit on a real car’s driver seat for a test. How difficult would it be? How can one expect to pass the driving test without learning how to drive a real car? The same is the case with using an unlicensed or a limited version of Tally over a licensed, fully featured version of TallyPrime. We always have a choice, so choose wisely! Good wishes on your way to becoming a successful professional. All the best, and happy learning!

    Strengthen your conceptual understanding through an easy-to-use LIVE video conferencing platform which allows for two way interaction. Study from Anywhere using any device (Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop)

    Get hands-on practical exposure to industry relevant projects and case studies in a highly interactive environment at a state of the art EduPristine centre near you.

    PGP-BAT: Certificate of Excellence


    BAT Certificate
    BAT Busy Certificate
    BAT GST Certificate
    BAT SAP Certificate
    BAT SAP Certificate
    BAT SAP Certificate

    PGP-BAT: Placement Assistance


    PGP-BAT: Career Prospects

    Our Students Work in Companies Like

    Professionals wanting to only learn specific topics like GST or SAP etc can choose to enroll and pay for only
    the specific topics that they need. Please talk to your counsellor for more information.

    Must Know PGP – BAT Tools that You will Learn in Class

    Digital Marketing tools

    Why Choose EduPristine for PGP-BAT?

    EduPristine offers real-life challenges, compelling the learners to apply concepts in the class and prepare for career realities. EduPristine is committed towards helping you at every step thus offering you practical and experiential learning along with soft skills training and placement assistance.

    Get Unparalleled Customer Support with EduPristine:

    • Career Services Support after completion of the program
    • Extra Mentoring for students beyond lectures for support and doubt-solving during the program

    This course will be giving me all the required knowledge in accounts domain and will be helping me to make my career in the accounting profile. I offer my sincere thanks to the placement team at EduPristine who took the maximum efforts in securing a job for me in a reputed organization in Mumbai.

    I had joined this course to enhance my knowledge in the accounting domain. Needless to say, the overall experience right from the training till the placement was a very good one.

    I am thankful to Edupristine for providing me the basic as well as advanced practical training that I needed in accounts & taxation. As a graduate pass out, I had only the theoretical knowledge, the BAT course has boosted my confidence to think and act as an Accounts professional, and how to present myself while giving interviews and presentations. Faculty was up to the mark, and always tried to give the required support to students in building their career and giving the extra time to solve student's queries. I feel pleased to have chosen BAT course as the stepping stone to my successful accounting career.

    I am pursuing BAT with my graduation at present. This course has helped me get an extra edge over the other graduates by giving me the practical knowledge I needed. Moreover, BAT Course helped me acquire the fundamental knowledge needed to practice Accountancy with real-world examples that are specifically used in companies and industries nowadays.

    BAT Course is an excellent course for gaining practical knowledge in Accounting. I had a wonderful experience with BAT Course from EduPristine. This course helps in gaining the professional edge in accounting & compliance for graduates. This course has helped me to work on many accounting software like Licensed version of TallyPrime, BUSY, SAP and also taught MS Office. The course has elevated my working style and skills to align with my current accounting job in the position of Accountant.

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    Some of our Recent Placements

    Abhishek Jha


    Business Accounting and Taxation Program

    Minal Kanoth

    Accounts Executive

    Business Accounting and Taxation Program

    Pawan Kumar

    Accounts Executive

    Business Accounting and Taxation Program
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    Apply for the PGP – BAT



    • We only take 20 - 25 students per batch.
    • Note: The regular decision deadline for the enrollment is 2 weeks before the batch start.

    FAQ’s – PGP-BAT Course

    What is the PGP-BAT course?

    Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation is a post-graduate level program that will train the candidate on all the industry relevant skills and make the candidate job ready.

    Why PGP-BAT course?

    PGP-BAT course fills in the gap by training the students on all the latest rules, regulations, technologies, and methodologies in the accounting industry. The course not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also provides practical knowledge and experience.

    What is the PGP-BAT course scope in India?

    Candidates can work for the below profiles after the PGP-BAT course

    • Account Executive
    • Financial Analys
    • Finance Manager
    • Senior Account Executive
    • Bank Officer
    • Tax Consultant
    • Internal Auditor
    How long does it take to clear the PGP-BAT course exams?

    It is a 200 hours program. After completing the training and after being fully prepared, the students can appear for the exams. The candidate has a maximum of 1 year to complete the course and clear the exams.

    Can I work and study the PGP-BAT course?

    The PGP BAT course is conducted over the weekdays since it is a 3-4 months course. As such, working candidates will not be able to attend the classes. Only in cases where the lectures are conducted in the evening, candidates can attend the lectures after their working hours.

    What is the salary of a PGP-BAT candidate in India?

    The salary of a PGP-BAT candidate ranges from Rs.2-10 Lakhs depending on the role chosen and experience gained.

    What is the PGP-BAT course fee?

    The PGP-BAT course comprises of the training fee, and no extra fee is charged for appearing for the exams. To know about the PGP-BAT course fee, contact our counsellors.

    Can the PGP-BAT course qualification help me go abroad?

    PGP-BAT course equips you with the latest accounting techniques, laws, and policies. The accounting basics and financial statements are the same everywhere, but the accounting standards and financial reporting formats vary from country to country. You can use the BAT Certification to work abroad only if you have an additional certification that covers the Global Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting.

    Do I get some exemptions in the PGP-BAT course papers?

    No, there are no exemptions in the PGP-BAT course.

    Can I take PGP-BAT course exams along with my Graduation?

    The minimum eligibility to pursue the PGP-BAT course is graduation. You can pursue the course only after graduation.

    Is the PGP-BAT course recognized in India?

    Yes, the PGP-BAT course is recognized in India.

    Is there an internship requirement for the PGP-BAT course?

    There is no internship requirement for the PGP-BAT course.

    What is the eligibility criterion for the PGP-BAT course?

    The eligibility criterion for the PGP-BAT course is graduation in commerce or a related stream.

    What is the PGP-BAT course syllabus?

    Below is the PGP-BAT course syllabus:

    • Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Licensed version of TallyPrime ERP
    • Basics of GST & GST in Licensed version of TallyPrime
    • Direct Tax & Application in Licensed version of TallyPrime
    • Payroll and its Components
    • Excel for Accounting & MIS
    • Finalization of Financial Statement
    • BUSY Software
    • SAP
    • Soft Skills


    • One of the largest, oldest, and leading training providers in the Accounting and Finance domain.
    • Multiple modes of training delivery including Classroom (In Mumbai), Live Virtual Classes (Online), and Self Study Training for ACCA (Professional Level), CMA and CPA programs.
    • Modern and well-located centre in Mumbai, and services across all India.
    • A well-qualified group of 100+ Faculty members with an industry-relevant background in teaching theoretical concepts and applicability of those concepts.
    • Experiential & practical learning with exclusive HD training video recordings, exam-oriented content and guidance, Mock tests, etc
    • Supplementary classes to support and guide students with difficult topics and doubt solving sessions
    • One of the largest and oldest partners of Becker Professional Education- the world leader in US CPA and US CMA content
    • Gold Partner of ACCA and also an approved CBE (Computer Based Exam) Centre for the ACCA program
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    • Gold Partner of IMA for the CMA program and Becker Partner for US CMA Content. Becker is one of the approved CMA content providers globally
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    • Focused on Student Success and Employability with an excellent track record and pass rates
    • Our website features testimonials from hundreds of satisfied students, as well as feedback from faculty members.

    What EduPristine is known for:

    EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a global education provider headquartered in the United States. Adtalem has nine institutions and companies with more than 10,000 employees spread across 209 locations. The purpose of Adtalem Global Education is to empower students to achieve their goals, find success, and make inspiring contributions to our global community. Adtalem Global Education Inc. (NYSE: ATGE; member S&P MidCap 400 Index) is a leading workforce solutions provider and the parent organization of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Becker Professional Education, Chamberlain University, EduPristine, OnCourse Learning, Ross University School of Medicine, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and Walden University.

    PGP-BAT Course: PGP-BAT Course Details, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus

    EduPristine provides Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) training in Classroom format (only in Mumbai location) and Online format. Students can find the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) details like PGP-BAT course eligibility, PGP-BAT course duration, PGP-BAT course syllabus, PGP-BAT course fees on the PGP-BAT course page. Students can also contact us for Free Counselling to get all the PGP-BAT course details and Post Graduate Program Business Accounting and Taxation training offerings at EduPristine.


    Business Accounting and Taxation course trains students to use Accounting for Forecasting, Budgeting, and estimates. Business Accounting helps companies in decision making and analyzing growth opportunities.


    Below are the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation, PGP- BAT course details forstudents who want to pursue PGP- BAT course in India

    • PGP-BAT Course Eligibility:
      • B.Com Graduates or Graduates with a relevant degree are eligible to pursue the Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP- BAT) course.
      • The Business Accounting and Taxation course is suitable for candidates with 0-2 years of experience or freshers.
    • PGP-BAT Course Duration:
        • It is a 200 hours program.

    • PGP-BAT Course Syllabus:
      • The Business Accounting and Taxation course consists of topics like Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Licensed version of TallyPrime, Basics of GST & GST in Licensed version of TallyPrime, Basics of Income Tax & Income Tax in Licensed version of TallyPrime, Payroll and its components, Excel for Accounting & MIS, Finalisation of Financial Statements, BUSY Practicals, SAP, Soft Skills


    Edupristine offers Live Virtual Classroom training through a state of the art user friendly Learning Management System online platform providing high quality education and expert instruction. In Mumbai, we also offer in person classroom training at our centre located at Andheri.


    • Professional Certification courseslikePost Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) are in high demand with working professionals.
    • With the changing study patterns and student preferences, our training programs now focus on Live Virtual Classroom training with a blend of practical and experiential learning. Our courses are designed to provide a healthy mix of online faculty-led training along with hands-on experience using licensed and full featured software used by top companies and multinationals.


    EduPristine provides Placement Assistance by updating candidates on the available Business Accounting and TaxationJob Opportunities after PGP-BAT course completion. EduPristine’s Career Services helps students build confidence and find the right job opportunities in the desired field through Soft Skills Training, Resume Building Training and other skill enhancing training.

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