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Project Finance course will help the students learn how to build a Project Appraisal Financial models using Excel for large projects (taking a real estate commercial project as case study) which are normally based upon complex financial and contractual structures involving many legal entities. Project Finance Modeling is a course launched by EduPristine to address the need in the industry today for a systematic approach for project appraisal and evaluation. Excel is the most widely used tool in the industry today for creating project finance evaluation models.

  • Online Training

    20 hours of Video lessons with time duration of approx.

  • Case Study

    Get access to the complete set of case studies that are used.

  • Excel Templates

    Download the workbooks - both instructor and student versions.

  • Certificate of Excellence

    A reference to get ahead in your career. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. You can also earn the Certificate of Excellence upon completing our course assignment (Please get in touch with our sales representative for more details).

Course Structure

Week-I: Basics of Financial Statements >

Week-II: Getting acquainted with Excel >

Week-III: Nuances of Project Finance Modeling >

Week-IV: Project Cost Build-Up & IDC >

Week-V: Capex & Financing Schedule >

Week-VI: Modeling Delays & Consolidation >

Week-VII: Debt and Revenue schedule, and Deferred Taxes >

Week-VIII: Asset Schedule, Operation Cost, and P&L >

Week-IX: Equity Schedule, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Basics of Corporate Finance >

strong>Week-X: Building Free Cash Flows, Net Operating Income, and Scenarios using Data Tables >

Week-XI: Advanced Scenarios using Macros, Monte Carlo Simulations,and Dashboard >

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Benefits WHY?

  • To evaluate various project opportunities: checking viability of the projects
  • For business modeling and decision making for firms
  • For project appraisal and risk evaluation using different scenarios
  • For Valuing investments in the nascent stage: Private Equity/ Venture Capital Investing
  • Commercial Banks: For disbursing loans for the projects
  • For performance tracking of the on-going projects
  • For real estate professionals looking at commercial projects


Job well done!! The engagement with the EduPristine rep was favourable. The trainer, was knowledgeable. I like the fact that he has hands-on experience rather than just theory based.

Syahida Ismail Manager, Corporate Intelligence

Who should do this? TARGET

This course is for everyone in the industry who wants a systematic approach for project appraisal and evaluation.


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