• 50+ Industry Professionals with relevant Work-Ex from IIT/ IIM backgrounds

  • Authorizations by CFA, GARP, etc. Past feedback of 4.5+/5 Leader in open source modeling

  • Excel templates, mind maps designed by industry professionals

Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young (2010)
Real Estate Modeling
Senior Associates were trained on building valuation models for real estate
ING Vyasa
ING Vyasa (2010)
Infrastructure & Project Finance
Bankers were trained on making integrated models for project finance and infrastructure
Bank Of America
Bank Of America
Continuum Solutions (2010)
Finance for Finance
Associates were trained on valuation and mergers and acquisitions
Franklin Templeton
Franklin Templeton
CFA (2010)
Students were facing a gap in the overall understanding of finance topics like corporate finance, FSA and valuation. Provided training for over 100 hours to bridge the gap
J. P. Morgan
J. P. Morgan (2010)
Financial Modeling in Excel
The Real Assets Group were trained in Excel for infrastructure and real-estate modeling
Credit-Suisse India (2009)
Risk Management and Quant. Analysis
IT Professionals of Credit-Suisse India were trained on risk management.
Mizuho (2010)
Financial Modeling in Excel
Bankers were using excel models that they could not understand. Conducted financial modeling in Excel trainings to bridge the gap
HSBC (2008)
Risk Management and Quant. Analysis
New joinees in HSBC had a gap in knowledge of Risk Management and quantitative skills. Conducted trainings (On campus) to bridge the gap
NUS Business School
NUS Business School (2011)
Financial Modeling in Excel
Second year MBA students were given a full 2-day workshop on creating financial models. They learnt how to create integrated models of valuation.
IIT Delhi
IIT Delhi (2009)
Corporate finance
Students get placed in finance companies (UBS, GS, MS, etc) with no understanding of the subject/ Job Profile. Conducted workshop to bridge the gap
IIM Calcutta
IIM Calcutta (2010-11)
Financial Modeling in Excel
Students about to go for internships and jobs found a gap in their knowledge of excel for financial modeling. Conducted training for 75+ students with an average rating of 4.5+
BITS Pilani
BITS Pilani (2009)
Workshops on Basics of Finance
Most of the students desire a career in finance. Conducted training for 350+ students with an average rating of 4.5+
FMS Delhi
FMS Delhi (2010-11)
Financial Modeling in Excel
Final Year MBA students of Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University were trained in financial modeling so as to prepare them better for a job in finance.
IEMR Delhi
IEMR Delhi (2010-11)
Financial Modeling in Excel
Final Year MBA students of IEMR went through extensive financial modeling workshop to acquire skills of financial modeling.
NISM (2008-11)
Derivatives in Hedging (2008)
Financial Modeling (2011)
Corporate in Ludhiana incurred losses owing to derivative trades (for hedging). Trained directors/CFOs for better understanding of derivative products.
IIM Indore
IIM Indore (2011)
First Year MBA students of were trained in financial modeling so as to prepare them better for their summer internship.
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