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Clinical Rotations in the US

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Clinical rotations will deepen your knowledge on the specialty and give you an overview on the medical system and work culture in US hospitals. The clinical evaluations and letters of recommendations form an important component to raise your chances in US medical residency. Becker – EduPristine offers hands-on clinical rotations/elective rotations for International Medical Graduates and medical students respectively to match your career goals. These rotations will run in ACGME accredited hospitals and will give you an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training in your desired specialty*. The letters of recommendation from a hands-on clerkship will raise your chance in the US residency.

  • Becker has partnered with CMTC in Chicago to offer hands-on clinical rotations for medical students and graduates. The rotations are offered in ACGME accredited hospitals Students will be provided with malpractice insurance by CMTC with the fee listed below.

  • Clinical rotations will include the "letters of recommendation".

  • The rotations are primarily "in-patient" rotations

  • All the physicians are ACGME affiliated and governed clinical rotations.

  • The application processing time is 3 months which will include visa assistance.

Clinical Rotation in the US Fees

Clinical Rotations through Becker in Chicago area hospitalsCourse FeesEnroll nowMalpractice Insurance fees
4-weeks ($625/week)$2500 per monthBuyUSD 250
8-weeks ($600/week)$4800 for 2 monthsBuyUSD 350
12-weeks ($675/week$6900 for 3 monthsBuyUSD 400

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Hello!! I am an Indian med student. I always had this passion for medicine, and practicing in a country like US. USMLE is a very difficult exam to ace and i feel becker is a good foundation, came up with good materials and qmd, guidemd. Things are very much organised here and becker will aid a best tool to improve our performance.. I'm sure people won’t regret joining in becker, as these people make us walk through every difficulty we face during our preparation, and ensure that we are in good shape. the lvc classrooms and facilities provided by edupristine were also appreciable and our journey to get through usmle will go in a smooth and easy way. Thank you becker and edupristine

Ramyasai Durga

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