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EduPristine & Becker have partnered to offer updated curriculum for USMLE Step 2 CK with latest technology by Expert instruction of a Live Program and flexibility of preparing Online. USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) Program includes with medical knowledge, skills and understanding of clinical knowledge essential for the treatment of patient care under supervision.

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USMLE Step 2 CK Program deals with the principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills. Students can write the Step 2 CK exam after completing the 4th year of MBBS, the exam can be written on any working day at Prometric centers in US and outside US.

1. Step 2 CK Live Review - US Based

The Step 2 CK Live Review Program includes:

  • 250 hours of live lectures

  • 12 months access to interactive online study

  • 6 months access to U-World Question Bank

  • 8 volumes of Hardcover textbooks & interactive e-books

  • One NBME Exam with assessment

  • Personal Becker Medical Advisor help you design your Study plan and prepares you for residency success

  • Residency workshops to help understand the Match Process

2. Step 2 CK Live Online - US Based

The Step 2 CK Live online program includes:

  • Over 100 hours of live online lectures from Becker's Step 2 CK medical faculty.

  • Interactive lecture sessions include feedback from our experienced instructors and an opportunity for discussion amongst peers.

  • 8 full volumes of full-colour print review notes including classic Step 2 CK USMLE presentations and exam-relevant USMLE information covering all exam disciplines.

  • Nine months access* to GuideMD

  • Access to UWorld step 2 question bank

  • One step 2 CK assessment exam

3. Live Classroom in the US on i-20

This is the most comprehensive type of prep that unites structured dynamic live lectures with a flexible center based study and ideal for students who wish to take advantage of structured instructions and peer interaction. The programme will give you access to classrooms spread over seven weeks of live lectures and the flexibility to review content at the Becker center in Dallas, TX.

Along with live lectures delivered by the best USMLE faculty who are renowned experts in their subject areas like Dr Lionel Raymon, Dr Steve Daugherty, Dr Mary Ruebush, Dr Bruce Dunn, Dr Philip Tisdall to name a few, students will have the privilege of a􀀴ending USMLE / residency workshops and take advantage of onsite med advising by experts in the field.

Step 2 CK Live Review
Step 2 CK Live Online
Step 2 CK Live Online i-20

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ba free material


The USMLE Step 2 CK online review Program includes:

  • 6 months access of Becker's GuideMD

  • 200 hours of multimedia instructions

  • 3 months of U World Step 2 CK Question Bank

  • Full set of textbooks in hard copy format

  • Personalised Study Plan, Residency Plan and Exams Application support by Edupristine

  • Flipbook Technology

Step 2 CK Guide MD

You Win Because of Your Team

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ba free material

ba free material

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Benefits WHY?

  • If you are an MBBS student and wish to settle in the USA in future, USMLE is the only option for you to get certified and start medical practice.
    • You can earn way more than what you would do in India. During residency, the doctors are paid an average salary of USD 50,000 per year. On completion of residency the average salary of a doctor in USA is USD 1,80,000 per year.

    • USMLE not only gives you exposure of less stressed work system in the USA but also broad knowledge of working in a different standard.

    • Identify, obtain, and transform a data set to make it suitable to produce statistical evidence communicated in written form.

    • The application process in the USA is very transparent and organized.

    • After clearing USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, Step 2CS, candidates are eligible for applying for matching process to qualify for Residency programs in the USA.

    • After completing your residency and clearing your Step 3 exam, you can practice or work as doctor in USA. Also you can apply for licensure in the UAE, Qatar, New Zealand as well.

    • On completion of USMLE and Residency, successful candidates can apply for fellowships in the USA.


Hello!! I am an Indian med student. I always had this passion for medicine, and practicing in a country like US. USMLE is a very difficult exam to ace and i feel becker is a good foundation, came up with good materials and qmd, guidemd. Things are very much organised here and becker will aid a best tool to improve our performance.. I'm sure people won’t regret joining in becker, as these people make us walk through every difficulty we face during our preparation, and ensure that we are in good shape. the lvc classrooms and facilities provided by edupristine were also appreciable and our journey to get through usmle will go in a smooth and easy way. Thank you becker and edupristine

Ramyasai Durga

Who should do this? TARGET

  • You need to pass the Step 1 exam to be eligible for the Step 2 CK examination.
  • You should have final year of MBBS.
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