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Excel Financial Modeling
Financial modeling in excel
Financial Modeling Excel

Financial Modeling is highly suitable for students and professionals related to finance, Equity Research, Credit, Merger & Acquisition, Corporate Finance and other similar fields. 

Students interested in the Financial Modeling course provided by EduPristine need to have the following knowledge to take the course:-

Discounted Cash Flow Model
Comparative Company Analysis Model
Sum-Of-Parts Model
Leveraged By Out Model
Merger & Acquisition Model
Option Pricing Model

The EduPristine's Advanced Financial Modeling online course will teach you the basic of MS Excel all the way to creating successful Financial Models.

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Financial Modelling Training Course

EduPristine is a leading training provider for international certifications in Finance (like CFA®, FRM® and PRM®), Accounting (CPA and CMA), Analytics (Business Analytics and Big Data and Hadoop) and marketing (Digital). It has been found by industry professionals who have worked in the area of investment banking and private equity in organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Crisil - A Standard & Poors Company, Standard Chartered and Accenture.

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EduPristine prides itself on providing the best quality of education. EduPristine ensures that the students who take training learn in a good environment with practical training. 

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It blended with my experience as a controller for a construction company. Specifically integrating the BS, P&L and CFS. I like modeling, budgeting and releasing Pro Forma statements. Also, I liked the way dates were used.

EduPristine Testimonials

John Halm

Financial Analyst GSA PBS

I followed the course closely, it was helpful both from the perspective of understanding financial modeling as well as to improve my knowledge of excel. Hoping to master my skills over time with EduPristine's support.

EduPristine Testimonials

Gerard Slotboom

Planning Manager Bata

EduPristine provided a complex financial modeling course in an informative and complex method. The materials and exercises that were available will be informative for me even after the training. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to enrich their profession.

EduPristine Testimonials

Dana Horska

Executive Manager at Silicon Oasis Ventures

Types of Financial Models

EduPristine has conducted more than 500,000 man-hours of quality training in finance. It has conducted training for J. P. Morgan, Bank of America, E&Y, ING Vysya, IIM Calcutta, NUS Singapore, ISB and others.

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is all about building abstract representation or a model of a real-world finance situation. The model thus made is a mathematical representation of the performance of financial assets or portfolio of a business, project or any other investment.

Financial Modeling Training
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EduPristine provides up to date training with excel. 

Financial Modeling Course online

Up to date training with work on live projects. 

A student can have access to almost 20 hours of online recording of courses.

Financial Modelling in Excel

20 hours of online recording of courses.

Assignments are an integral part of learning. EduPristine gives proper assignments and case studies on live domains and projects. 

Excel Financial Modelling

Proper assignments and live case studies

EduPristine provides both online training as well as classroom training for its Financial Modeling course.

Financial Modelling Training

Online training as well as class room training

The students have access to the material for reading and review 24x7. 

Online Financial Modeling

24x7 access to material

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Financial Modelling
Financial Modeling Certification

Certificate from EduPristine after successful completion of the Financial Modeling Course

Professional Certification

Number crunching is one of the most important aspects of the modern financial world. Unlike other businesses, professionals in the financial industry have to work with large amounts of numbers. 

The industry standards to work with such numbers is the software MS Excel. It is used for modelling all the important aspects of the finance of a business. Knowing how to use Excel is considered a pre-requisite in the financial modeling world. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to independently build models that are robust and provide dynamic projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints: operations, investment, financing and valuation.

Financial Modelling

Financial modeling is a great add-on to someone with CPA, CFA, FRM, MBA Finance, B. Tech and commerce graduate degrees. Learning financial modeling along with the above-mentioned education opens new roads for your career. 

Hands-on Experience with Excel

financial modelling xls

Brief Idea of Finance

Learn financial modelling

Balance Sheet

Financial Modeling course

Cash Flow Model

Financial Modelling Training
Financial Modelling excel
Financial Modeling xls
Financial Modelling Classes

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Financial Modeling Training

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