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Career Options After Qualifying for the US CMA Course

Hey there! So good to have you back again. Are you curious and want to learn more about the job roles after the US CMA course? If yes, then this blog is a must-read for you. We will understand why the US CMA course in India is getting so popular among freshers and working professionals and the other CMA course details.

US CMA course, also known as the Certified Management Accountant course, is a high-paying job and is globally recognized, thus making it one of the most respected credentials. The US CMA course is designed especially for cultivating accounting and financial skills. One of the best parts about pursuing international certification is that they ensure high standards are maintained through the updated syllabus, thus keeping at par with current market requirements. The main purpose is to groom candidates for senior-level corporate positions.

With that being said, let us now move on to understanding why pursue US CMA:

  1. Being the gold standard in management accounting and being globally recognized, the US CMA course will enable international mobility.
  2. Very structured and short-term program that has a total of two papers. It is regulated by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants).
  3. This credential is highly valuable and most preferred by the multinational companies, Big 4’s in India and abroad, mainly in consulting firms and US-based organizations.
  4. Provides greater flexibility in comparison to other courses. The US CMA course has three exam windows in a year. The exam window can be selected according to the timeframe and strength of knowledge.
  5. This designation also offers access to IMA’s worldwide CMA network, providing opportunities to collaborate with fellow CMA’s and insights for a better career.

Variety of career Options after US CMA Certification

CMA certified professionals have a variety of career options to choose from. Let’s learn about them in detail:

  1. Financial Analyst:
    1. Financial Analyst is a role that involves investigating how companies are performing financially.
    2. This role also involves predictions of financial performance and providing advice on how to improve the financial results. Financial Analysts perform other duties such as managing, overseeing and implementing financial decisions.
    3. Financial Analysts are usually employed by large corporations or by the government since they require the expertise of a Financial Analyst for taking care of the business or for administrative purposes.
  2. Financial Controller:
    1. The Financial controllers usually hold a very senior position in the accounting domain itself.
    2. They usually report to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and make sure that all the accounting operations are handled with precision and accuracy.
    3. They also ensure that all the financial reports are delivered to the investors promptly without delays.
    4. One point to be noted is that companies have now moved toward being more tech-savvy, which means they need additional resources to handle the tech and at the same time manage finances.
    5. The Financial Controllers are also responsible for cash management and looking after the profitability, making sure that all the expenses are under control. This ensures efficient accounting practices.
  3. Financial Risk Manager:
    1. Financial risk management is the process of risk identification, risk assessment along mitigating risk across multiple entities.
    2. The Financial Risk Managers work with various stakeholders such as Compliance Officers, Credit Officers, Risk Managers, Directors to manage the risks and interests of their clients. 
    3. The main task of Financial Risk Managers is to analyze financial markets regularly to determine/predict changes or trends.
    4. Their main task also involves developing various strategies to reduce the effects of potential risks.
  4. Cost Accountant:
    1. Cost Accountants are responsible for ensuring that the right budget is allocated to the correct department for the planned activities/projects etc.
    2. Cost Accountants help in planning the company’s budget, setting standard costs, and at the same time, suggesting cost-saving opportunities.
    3. The most important task involves understanding where money is being spent by the company and identifying which products/services are profitable.
    4. Cost Accountants are also responsible for providing insights on cost analysis, cost allocation, and savings potential.
    5. Their duty also involves providing reports to the top management on the company’s operating expenses.
  5. Chief Financial Officer:
    1. CFOs are the senior executive officers who are responsible for managing the company’s overall financial operations.
    2. The responsibility includes tracking cash flow along with analysing the company’s strengths and weaknesses and suggesting corrective actions.
    3. The other functions involve budgeting, forecasting, overseeing cash flow forecast, etc.

What is US CMA Course Eligibility?

Let us now understand the CMA Course eligibility:

  1. All the candidates having an accounting/ commerce background can pursue the US CMA course. Students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees are also eligible for this course.
  2. All the students who have just completed 10+2 and are looking for Commerce and Accounting courses can enroll in this course.
  3. Candidates who want to have a global career and are planning to shift abroad, significantly in Canada or Middle East countries.
  4. Candidates who want to gain deep knowledge in management accounting must go for the US CMA course as this course helps in broadening horizons as well as helps in career progression.
  5. Candidates who want to make a shift from a clerical role towards a more strategic role and want to have an impressive resume should pursue the US CMA course.

To know more, please feel free to contact our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you at each step. Are you now ready to be the next Certified Management Accountant? All the best and happy learning.