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Does an Accountant Need an MBA?

Hey there! Welcome back again. Are you the one among others who is confused and want to know whether an accountant needs an MBA? If yes, then this blog is a must-read for you. Let us quickly find out and understand which one is better post-graduation, Business Accounting and Taxation or MBA after completing graduation in

What next after I’m sure this question sounds very familiar right? Having a degree is crucial for commerce graduates, but it is not enough. Just completing a degree can’t promise you a great career, and hence upskilling has now become essential, especially during such uncertain times.

Most of us are aware that MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It not only prepares students to work for financial institutions but at the same time prepares them for management positions or as the founders of start-ups. Pursuing MBA may not always be relevant to the job that one dreams of. Did you know that an MBA is not needed to build a solid professional network?

So, does an accountant need an MBA? If you aspire to become an accountant, then you don’t need an MBA. Only if one has broader business interests, then the most suitable option would be to pursue an MBA. One must however keep in mind that the MBA credential will not act as a golden ticket and will not guarantee a high-paying job. MBA is expected to open doors and provide multiple incredible opportunities if one puts in hard efforts, invests in networking, and takes out time to make it happen.

After, if you want to pursue a short-term course, then you must pursue the PGP-BAT course. So, what is the PGP-BAT course, and why should one build a career around it?

Why Choose the PGP-BAT Course as a Career Option

Five reasons to choose the PGP-BAT course as a career option:

  1. Helps in acquiring an advanced skill set, along with in-depth knowledge about Business Accounting and Taxation. A career in the PGP-BAT course provides candidates with a very versatile skill set.
  2. The PGP-BAT course provides training on the most widely used software, which are Tally, SAP, and BUSY software. These will be an add-on for all the freshers wanting to enter the corporate world.
  3. Provides better career opportunities in the accounting and finance sector as the PGP-BAT course syllabus is a perfect mix of practicals and theory which focuses on Accounting, Auditing, Book-Keeping, Taxation, and many others.
  4. Designed very meticulously by industry experts to groom freshers and working professionals having 0-2 years of work experience as the focus is purely on making them job-ready.
  5. The course curriculum includes topics like finalization of financial statements, Goods and Service Tax (GST), payroll components, Excel, and MIS reporting, which in turn provides an array of promising job profiles post-completion.

Students can enroll for the PGP-BAT course that provides experiential and practical training thus making candidates industry-ready.

Let us understand the eligibility criteria and who all can pursue the PGP-BAT course?

  1. All graduates having a commerce background (preferably are eligible to pursue the PGP-BAT course.
  2. This course is most likely to benefit all the freshers and professionals with less than two years of work experience.
  3. Graduates having a core interest in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation must enroll for the PGP-BAT course.

Wondering how to choose a training institute for the PGP-BAT course?

  1. Institutes that have industry-relevant content, facilitate case study-based learning, and have dedicated discussion forums.
  2. Institutes that have qualified trainers who are also industry experts and are focused on student success.
  3. Institute that provides flexibility in terms of training (Classroom and LVC) and are present across multiple cities.
  4. Institute that provides access to the various software along with certificates.
  5. Institute that provides Soft Skills training along with career services that help in preparing students for a bright future.

How to choose an institute for the PGP-BAT training?

  1. Institutes that provide a pool of experienced qualified trainers who are committed only towards providing the best.
  2. Institutes having locations nearest to the train/metro/bus services.
  3. An institute that has a great infrastructure with clean and hygienic amenities.
  4. An institute having years of experience in the training industry for Finance and Accounting and has a successful track record.
  5. An institute that provides flexibility in terms of service. (Switching from LVC mode to classroom mode by just paying the difference amount)

How to Choose an Institute for The PGP-BAT Training?

To conclude, to become an accountant, one needs to be familiar with numbers and have a stronghold on the basics of accounting and taxation.

One is expected to know about the general accounting systems like double entry, trial balance, bookkeeping, balance sheet, etc. Having knowledge about financial accounting, corporate accounting along with a basic understanding of special accounting for banks and insurance companies would be an add-on.

To be successful, one also needs to be fluent with the various accounting software like Tally, Busy, SAP and should know how to use spreadsheets. To be a successful accountant, one also needs to know about the taxation laws applicable in the country along with social security laws and commercial codes.

The PGP-BAT course helps in switching from a more general clerical role towards a more strategic role and is beneficial for all the fresh graduates and professionals having 0-2 years of experience.

To know more about the PGP-BAT course salary in India, and the amount to be invested for this valuable credential, feel free to get in touch with our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you. All the best and happy learning.


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