Some of the common job profiles a CFA can acquire are Portfolio Manager, Consultant, Investment Analyst, Strategist, Wealth Manager, etc. Whereas for CA’s, it is mainly Internal Auditor, Management Accountant, Public Accountant or Government Accountant.

The CA certification gives you the flexibility to work in all industries. One of the major advantages of pursuing the CA course is that in the end they can also set up their practice and have their clients. They may not necessarily have to work on excel sheets, calculations, numbers, get into number crunching, and all. Most of the CA’s work as auditors to increase the company’s profitability.

The differentiating benefits of holding a CFA designation are as follows:

1) It helps in getting real-world exposure.

2) It also gives you an Ethical grounding.

3) Provides various networking opportunities and a global community.

4) It also helps in career recognition and standing out from the crowd.

5) High demand from employers.

This was all about the CFA course. Both these designations, CA and CFA are highly competitive and in demand. Candidates can build a successful career in both. A combination of both CA and CFA would give an immense boost to your career and would help you secure a higher position in comparison to others. If you are still confused or unsure which career path to take, CA or CFA, you can get in touch with our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you with your queries. All the best and happy learning.