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FRM Exam Entrance Requirement by GARP Policy

September 23, 2014

Meeting the identification requirements of Exams is as important as registering for an Exam. If you are a student who is currently enrolled for FRM and waiting to sit for FRM Exams, then below are some exam requirements that shouldn’t go amiss. Read the most important identification requirements as stated in GARP Policy.

What are the requirements?

  • To sit for the FRM Exam you will need an original government issued passport, remember it has to be current and unexpired.
  • If not passport, you can also carry your original valid government driver’s license that includes your photograph.

Both of the above will only be accepted if the name on them is exactly the same as registered for your Exams. Even the photo copies of the same will not be accepted. In case, you do not have any one of the IDs stated above, then you must obtain one as soon as possible, to avoid any form of inconvenience prior to examination.

What is not accepted by GARP Policy?

GARP does not accept your work/employer identification cards, voter ids, your college ID, PAN card or any other national ID cards. In case, the name on your passport or license doesn’t match the name on your Exam registration, you are advised to email immediately at

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